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Christian Owen offers a new scene from Hot House to celebrate the New Year. It features Donnie Dean and Seth Santoro, and it's the first scedne from a forthcoming DVD titled "Erector," named for the old kiddie thing.  This is Seth's first appearance for the studio, which opens with their asses back to back as they...ahem, "fuck themselves." 

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The legendary David Forest started the New Year with an email blast, just like the good old days (actually, he never stopped...) about another blast from the past. Remember Mark Dalton? Of course you do. The once-popular porn star spent many moons in jail over the fact, a Google search will reveal all, including a forum from a decade ago started by a former colleague of ours, Tim Evanson. that, amusing.  But I digress.  Dalton, now 35 years young, continues to live in the Dallas area, and is a trainer. He is also, according to Ms Forest, dancing a few times a month at "the same stripper club where he began, nearly fifteen years ago."  He has spent the past 5 years raising his daughter, checking out Pro Bodybuilding, and the Extreme Sports Field, whatver that is. But now he's ready to return to the adult biz, at least for live appearances, some solo stuff, and "select private meetings." Which probably means he needs a buck or two.  And, David adds, not surprisingly, cause that's what he does, Mr. Dalton will be available for those "meetings" through his Meet The Stars program.  No pictures were offered as to his current looks, or his current sexual proclivities (someone on Evanson's blog recalled Talvin DeMacchio (left), another name from the porn-past, who once commented about Dalton, "The only straight thing about him is his hair." The picture to the left is from 2009. BTW. I'm sure you'll be able to find Dalton's itinerary on David's Premiere Artists site, which will soon become part of a new Forest internet enterprise


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