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Dominic Ford seems to be everywhere.  He shoots 2D and 3D movies for his own studio, and is doing some stuff for Helix (see previous scribblings). He also loves discovering, "talent," and has just debuted his latest, Chad Lewis.  Described by Ford as  "amazingly hot, and a huge cock tease," Chad's scene is, regrettably, just a solo, tho Ford insists that "he knows how to work us up into a frenzy."  Frenzy is good, and perhaps he'll move on to more of the "real thing."


From the "Look-Who's-Back-And-Does-Anyone-Really-Care" Department comes Cody Cummings. Remember him? He quit the biz a couple of years ago, ranting something about his teenage daughter forcing him to leave porn, or something like that. Who remembers. The Next Door folk have posted a brief, and I do mean "brief," clip of his new scene called "Private Office," a solo, because that's what guys like Cummings do. The current "Cody"appears  to the right. Will there be more?  The Shadow knows, but you can check him out at the NextDoor site starting on the 23rd.



We're looking forward to the newest series from Naked Sword called "Roommate Wanted," all about the San Francisco housing crisis, and newbie Cam Christou's adventures in seeking housing. The episode, amusingly titled "Shared Utilities," also features newcomer Luke Harding and Leo Forte. The series is not continuing plot-wise, so don't worry about spoilers if you miss an episode. Directed by the fabulous Mr Pam, the first scene features Boomer Banks and Rey Luis.



TitanMen should attract your attention to their new feature "Foul Play" with the words "A hairy pit, an unwashed jockstrap, a sweaty sac scents" in describing the latest from their Rough division. Look for pissing, punching and fisting as "just a few of the Rough-housing activities," as exhibited by TitanMen exclusives Jesse Jackman and Nick Prescott, along with Dirk Caber, Thor Larsson, Mack Manus and Matt Stevens.  Look for scenes and the DVD on the TitanMen site.


The suspenseful wait is over, as Falcon has released the second part of its Spring blockbuster "Alpine Wood."  Featuring a cast of thousands...well, maybe not quite...that includes Landon Conrad, Nick Sterling, Chris Bines and Andrew Justice, the Bruno Bond-directed finale gives us another look at the guys sharing a house in the mountains where they all have, together now, "Alpine Wood."


Another performer is making his bareback debut, this one with Lucas Entertainment. "Adam Killian's Raw Wet Dream," has five scenes offering "...the most sensual and intense sex Adam has ever recorded."  No surprise that he's doing this for Lucas Entertainment, as he is, after all, their Creative Director who must have had an urge to return to the other side of the camera, now that Lucas is doing bareback. Adam both tops and bottoms in this one with his real-live lover Marco Milan.  The full DVD also features Fabio Lopez, Tomas Brand, Logan Moore, and several others, and concludes with a nine-man condom-free with, if I understand this correctly, some DPs tossed in for good measure.

Hot House is introducing us to their newbie David Benjamin.  If you follow his tweets, and, most likely you're not, at least until you read this, David has has been giving us the details of his first Hot House scene, albeit in 140 characters or less. You can catch that scene, with Mitch Vaughn, as part of Hot House's 8th edition of their popular "Trunks" series, which was filmed in Palm Springs.  The full movie, to be released at some future date, is directed by Christian Owen and also features Jimmy Durano (right), Fabio Stallone, Luke Adams, and Donnie Dean and Jake Wilder in their first effort for the studio.


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Mark Adams' VIEW 5.19.14  

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Vince Santiago could be just one of the reasons to check out the new website for Pegasus Studios, which, they tell me, is featuring "brand new and legacy content" meant to appeal to all lifestyles and orientations.  In real talk, that means that you can find gay, bi and straight content all together, though not necessarily in the same scene, let us pray.  Pegasus has been shooting, you should pardon the expression, in Philadelphia and Ft. Lauderdale (Philadelphia??), and filming at least 2 new scenes per week. They've got over 75 scenes up now, and plan to release 2 or 3 scenes per week.  As for Vince...well, he is a show-er and a grower, as "...that thing got to well over 10 inches before it stopped growing."  



Our favorite EverReady bunny David Forest is celebrating his 34th year in the adult entertainment business by launching a new website. will now be the home to the gazillions of Ms. Forest's endeavors, including The Premiere Artists, the infamous Meet The Stars, the new I Wanna Meet a Pornstar, along with the Ask David Forest thing and the Forest PR Files, which sounds like something that should be on Fox late at night, but is actually an archive of articles about agent/manager from 1977 to 2014.  Come to think of it, maybe Fox would be interested in….naah. Bill O'Reilly is occupied elsewhere. (Classic DF with another classic, to your left).


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