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Raging Stallion had several items worthy of mention this week, including the release of their new Monster Bang movie "Cock Fight."  Worthy of note not only for it being the first RS release to premiere on their membership website before the DVD release (tho certainly not new for the industry), but for its four "rough 'n tumble" sex matches, to be released over the next few weeks. Not only that, but viewers get to vote for their favorite to win the "Battle of the Sexiest," and the biggest vote-getter gets a cash prize, 'cause there can never be too much competition. The first two matches are up now, featuring Landon Conrad vs. Shawn Wolfe, and Shawn vs. Adam Ramzi, to be followed by Adam vs. Landon Conrad on the 16th and Shawn vs. Adam vs. Landon, in a three-way.  The DVD will be released shortly thereafter.


The Stallion has also released the second part of "San Francisco Meat Packers," featuring several from the original, like Boomer Banks, Billy Santoro and Angelo Marconi, along with new players Angel Rock, Tommy Defendi, and others, all offering "Grade XXX man meat...delivering the choicest cuts deep into their coworkers."  Just like the butcher shop at the local Piggly Wiggly.


The latest from the upcoming Grabby Awards confirm hosts Chi Chi LaRue and Honey West, and announcing a new co-host, Channel 1's exclusive Jason Phoenix.  Jason will be joining several others on stage with the Trophy Boys, always a delight.  The Memorial Day weekend activities this year include Hot House's Christian Owen and the amazing Sister Roma at the Lucky Horseshoe Lounge for a Saturday night bash of porn stars, culminating in an underwear auction (used, I would suspect), and "body shots off your favorite porn star," whatever that means.


Speaking of Ms. LaRue, For those you who missed it the first time around, check out the  DVD from her popular web series has been released by Rascal Video. "Sentenced" includes four scenes of frivolity, featuring Adam Russo, Billy Santoro, Mike DeMarko, Trenton Ducati and Brock Avery.

Also released from the Channel 1 vaults is "White Movers Black Shakers," on the All Worlds label from 1997. The interracial feature offers up Chris Johnson, Sweet William, JC Carter, Danny Lee, and several others whose names may have slipped your mind.


Leave it to Lucas Kazan to perk up the day.  Kazan presents his latest acquisition, Sicilkan newbie Roberto, with his, as Kazan director Ettore Tosi puts it, "...swarthy, black hair, bedroom eyes, and a sexy, mischievous grin you can't ignore." And who would want to, I ask rhetorically.  Roberto is from Catania, which, to save you the Googling, is on the East side of Sicily. He works as a mason, which explains his lean body.  Catch Roberto's candid interview when he recalls his "first time."

"Whispers In The Dark" is also from All Worlds in 1999, and is from what was the studio's International division and Darkwind Productions, and has a cast including Nikiolas Phillopolis. Not a clue.

A more recent re-release is 2004's Rascal two-parter "Raw 1 & 2," from the prolific Doug Jeffries, and a cast of names far more familiar, like Drew Peters, Jack Ryan (left), Kent Larson, Tag Adams, Blue Kennedy, Peter Ross, Scott Swann and Zak Spears, to name a few. I assume these are what was called at its original release the uncensored Director's Cut, which featured such unspeakable activity as fisting and watersports.  


Falcon has also signed the first exclusive for their Falcon Edge line, mentioned here in a previous scribbling.  Meet Sean Zevran, which you can do right now at the Falcon site, where they've released Sean's first Edge scene from the movie "Stunners."  Sean's a former Randy Blue model, and he will be reunited in an upcoming scene for the aforementioned Edge line with another Randy Blue-er, Josh Connors. Get all that? Sean, a former Marine,  is described in the PR as handsome, versatile, and openly gay, which is always nice, as are his eight inches and lovely ass.


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More good "Daddy" stuff from the TitanMen, with the second part of their "Daddy Meat" compilation series.  This edition of the "Best of TitanMen Daddies" brings us sliver fox Allen Silver, Cliff Rhodes and French lover Mack Manus, and you know what they say about those Frenchmen.  Lots of stuff here, with six scenes of 12 men, including Arpad Miklos, Victor Racek (right), Jake Marshall, Dred Scott, Dean Flynn, Ray Dragon, Mike Roberts and Jon Galt.


As if Dominic Ford doesn't have enough to do with his own popular site, the 3-D giant and creator of the "So You Think You Can Fuck" series will be collaborating with Helix Studios.  Ford told GayDemon that twink-dom's Max Carter will be returning to Helix, bringing along is "perfect bone structure and an amazing body," Ford says.  Look for five scenes from Helix and Ford, pairing Helix's young men with Ford's, mature models like Landon Conrad and Tommy Defendi. You can get more spoilers at Helix or Ford's site.  


New from NextDoorEbony is the beautifully-titled "Lure of the Masseur," the plot of which, cause that's why we watch these, has Tyce Jax booking a message, but had not idea he was in for...well, the full-service treatment, if you catch my drift. Krave Moore runs the "rub studio," where we watch Tyce get "the happiest kind of ending there is."


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