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Sad to report the death of former porn hunk Cameron Fox.  JC Adams twitted his passing.  Cameron was featured in many top-drawer features for a decade or so, including the six-part "Wet Palms" series from Jet Set.  Sources say he was 35, and there is no cause of death at this writing.




New exclusives add to the "breaking news" this week, because everything is, as we know, "breaking news."  First up is Bel Ami's latest Gregg Meyjes, a pretty young thing whose name is easier to write than it is to say, I'm sure.  He's been around for awhile - he has a big spread, you should pardon the expression, on the William Higgins site, under "Session Stills," and I'm sure he'll be getting a lot of promotion from the Bel Ami camp. Particular of note are the man's extremely hairy derriere, a rarity for any studio, his curved uncut dick, and his low-hangers.  I thought it odd that he's maintaining a hairy ass and yet shaves his pits and manscapes his crotchetal area, but what do I know.  BelAmiOnline has kicked off it's summer season with a new scene featuring Jack Harrer and somewhat-newbie Danton Gary.






Not to be outdone, Lucas Kazan introduced us to his new Italian number Fabio. Referred to by Kazan director Ettore Tosi as "The Reluctant Exhibitionist," Fabio is 24, eager to show off on camera, but "not quite ready to check all his inhibitions at the door."  That should change.  Fabio is the most tattooed ever amongst the Kazan applicants, and "also among the once cocky and shy."   A walking contradiction.  And a reluctant exhibitionist.







And finally, unless someone else is signed before I push "SEND" on this thing, Dominic Ford has signed his second newbie this month. Jake Snow is new to the biz, and his first scene is "Assplay," and it's about...oh, you know. It's a solo, but the young man shows us what a good bottom he'll probably make. He spends a lot of time with a finger in his ass, and even offers it up to the cameraman, who not-begrudgingly agrees. Who wouldn't.




The new one from TitanMen is all about sweat; hence, the title "Sweat." The throbbing muscle ache that won't go away is directed by Jasun Mark and features Hunter Marx and Troy Daniels (left) in the first scene, currently available, and also offers Dirk Caber, Alex Graham, Jesse Jackman and Matt Stevens (right). to help, sweat out the stiffness.





Kristen Bjorn got into the "New Exclusives" act this week, signing James Castle.  He's a Brit, with 8.5 inches, uncut, and versatile.  Which I assume means he's gay, a nice trend recently.  James is single and happy with that, and has a fantasy where a sling would be used in his next shoot.  Isn't that special. And he even looks good in clothes. You can see James is his Bjorn debut in Bjorn's "Casting Couch 327."




Please take note that the vidioiview staff (me) will be taking a break for a week and shutting down the offices (my desk).  Look for the next scribblings here on Monday the 30th. Emails will be returned whenever at, and I shall leave you at this point Elizabeth.


Mark Adams' VIEW 6.16.14  

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More Golden Oldies on display this week from Channel 1, beginning with the 1995 release "Phone Mates." Directed by the clever-named Peter Goesinya, the all-stud cast includes B.J. Slater, Dallas Taylor, Eduardo, Kyle Richards and Tanner Reeves, who "don't just talk, they want to reach out and touch someone."  Can't remember which outfit they stole that line from...probably out of business now anyway.

Also available again is 1994's "Idol Dreams," which was the debut of Tony Idol, a lovely thing, along with Blue Blake, another lovely thing and amusing as hell, Brett Ford, Brian Nichols, and Boston's own Donnie Russo. It was directed by Josh Elliot.

From out of past comes Dirk Yates' "Discharged," not be confused with an In Hand Production from 1986 of the same name that featured Glenn Swann, or a similarly-named 2008 film called "Honorable Discharge." Everyone was discharging back then, I guess, and good for us.



New from Eurocreme's Dreamboy division is "Forgive Me Father For I Have Sinned," and no time need be spent figuring out the plot of this one.  Danny Montero is in the Deacon's office on his knees, but, they tell us, "...not in prayer, but a worship of another kind." Dolan Wolf is the Deacon standing over him, with his "...dick clearly seen in the boy's mouth, and we all know what's going on here." Spoilers!! Damn.


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