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Here's something you don't see every day, Chauncey.  And there's two of 'em! Two studio performers have  signed as co-exclusives. The studios are Raging Stallion and Titan, and it's the first time for both of them, and how many times have you heard that before.  No, really, Hunter Marx and dreamy Shawn Wolf will be sharing studios and each other, I suspect, for awhile. Hunter has been a Titan exclusive for a couple of years, and Shawn is with the Stallion, and was their 2013 Raging Stallion Man of the Year. The studios remind us that both men "sport hairy muscular bodies and huge cocks."  Like we didn't know.  Titan's Keith Webb says that this…"...ensures the very best performers in the industry work with the very best condom-only studio…"  And in a further consolidation, the Stallion's Chris Ward announced the formation of Falcon Studios Group, the new home to the Falcon lines, Raging Stallion, and Hot House Entertainment.  They, along with Naked Sword, comprise the gay division of AEBN, and the group will continue production of the video lines that you all know and love, with new features added, to be sure.  




Titan, on its own, had released the new "In Full View," which features the above-mentioned Hunter Marx, along with Trent Davis (left), Topher DiMaggio, Tony Orion, Johnny Parker and Rogue Status, a fun name, if you ask me (right).  In this one, the hunks "indulge their libidos and their erections" in the great outdoors." Which is, of course, what makes it so great.  Scenes from are up on the TitanMen site now.




There's a new episode of NakedSword's "The Pack" series available for your dining and dancing pleasure. This, the 3rd scene, features two New Yorkers, which should come as no surprise as the entire film was shot in the Big Apple. It's titled "Lucky Night at the Bloc," and features the amazing and seen-almost-everywhere Rafael Alencar, dancing seductively at the "sex drenched" NYC bar Eastern Bloc, where he gets Cam Christou all excited, as he would to just about anyone with a heartbeat.  "The Pack" was written, directed and filmed by mr. Pam, because she just doesn't have enough to do.


The newest DVD from the Dreamboy line at Eurocreme is called "The Bellboy, " but don't expect anything here like the old Jerry Lewis film of the same name. In this film by Blacky Mendez, the young'uns include Kayden Gray (left), Jacob Daniels, Jordan Jacobs (right) and Sky James, and it's on the Eurocreme site.



Seth Bond was being explained as to how to prepare for his first bottoming scene on, an important prerequisite.  So he went home and practiced with his "stretching toy," and had so much fun, it was decided put it on film. It, not unlike Seth, is up now.



Ginger fans won't want to miss the new COLT Man Seth Fornea, who we have mentioned previously in these scribblings.  COLT offers Seth with some never-before-seen footage in four individual segments.  There's also a behind-the-scenes look at Seth's shoot, you should pardon the expression, for the COLT Calendar and an on the set interview.  Or, as COLT puts it, "Red is the new blonde."  Hey, they said it.


Mark Adams' VIEW 8.4.14  

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In his latest op-ed piece for GayPornBlog, the inimitable David Forest answers the musical question, "What ever happened to Stonie?"  Those of us over...ahem, a certain age, will remember the large volume of work from the popular bottom during the late 90s and early in this century, beginning with performances directed by Paul Barresi for Regiment Productions.  Stonie moved on, and David has an interesting look on where his life has gone since then, with his gender reassignment as Brittany Coxxx, his new persona since 2008.  It's Part 2 of his "Exclusives" piece, but it stands well on its own.



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