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Mark Adams' VIEW 9.25.2000  


Like we needed further indication that Providence is indeed the porn capital of New England, Falcon model Billy Brandt has been booked for his first New England appearance at Pulse in the Rhode Island capital.  The "Rockin' with Billy US Tour" will appear on Saturday October 7th at the popular club, with one show at around midnight  afterwards, he'll sign autographs for his fans, and we can only hope his autograph session will be as provocative as Jeff Palmer's.   

Though I haven't received my copy as yet,  All Worlds has released the sequel to the hot PLAYING WITH FIRE and creatively titled it PLAYING WITH FIRE 2.   This time, it's muscle-guy Billy Herrington doing things you've never seen him do before (at least on video) with newcomer Steve Cassidy (more on Billy further down).  Also appearing in the super also-starring category are hotties Mark Slade, Bo Garrett, Eric Evans and Brent Banes, Luke Savage, Alex Wilcox and Michael Brandon.  The wild and crazy firefighters of PLAYING WITH FIRE 2  can be yours by mail-order only for the time being, and it's under six bucks for the shipping charges. 

Performer Chad Conners, who has pumped himself up recently and is once again a force to be reckoned with, has reunited with his former manager and agent, the inimitable David Forest.   Forest, you should pardon the expression, "handled" Conners during the hunk's early career in the biz way back in the mid-90's.  His most recent performances were in several of his own productions, including CHAD'S BACK IN THE GYM, and ULTIMATE MUSCLE VOL. 1.   The Chad-ster will appear along with Duke Miller and Caesar in Blue Blake's upcoming MARRIED COPS DO, and begin a nationwide tour of gay dance clubs this fall.   For those of you on the West Coast and like to plan ahead, Chad will appear with good ol' Will Clark at "Holiday Cocktails with the Forest Men Hunks" at Micky's in West Hollywood on December 7. 

Speaking of Blake Harper, which is I wasn't, but it's always nice, he's also appearing as one of those cowpokes of the New Wild West in the new Studio 2000 production MAVERICKS 2, which, according to the promo material, takes us back to "when men were men and cocks were always loaded and ready to fire."    Director John Travis has tossed together a fine array here, with Logan Reed, Rick Hammersmith, newcomer Clit Fox and vet Casey Williams to entertain.  Also appearing is George Fleece - after filming this epic, he went back to Oklahoma City and managed to win three first prizes in the National Appoloosa Championship Rodeo competition - Non-Pro Steer Daubing, Open Steer Daubing and Non-Pro Figure Eight Stake Racing.  My congratulations go out to him, even tho I have no idea what the hell he won for.   Happy riding indeed.  But I digress.  M2 is up to the usual fine standards of the folks at Studio 2000, which is where you can currently get the mail-order title, if you can't find it at your local video emporium.  And, amazingly, for the measly price of $5 bucks,  the vid was ordered on a Tuesday and received on Friday.  That's  Tuesday to Friday for $5 bucks. Were I wearing one, my hat would be  off to the fine customer service policy of Studio 2000.

All the porn personalities appear to be recovered from whatever summer hiatus they might have been on.  This week I heard from model Gage Powers, one of the Citiboyz boys  sounds like I'm stuttering.  He tells me that he is now also working behind the scenes as Modeling Coordinator, Assistant Producer, Assistant Director and Primary Still Photographer.  And he probably develops the film as well.  He's living in  Illinois now, and is in the process of editing three new Citiboyz vids, volumes 13-15.  He also owns 22 gay adult websites.  We wonder when he finds time to pee.   You can check out Wonderboy at   

I also chatted with hunky Tommy Lord, star of the popular HEAD STRONG (Studio 2000).   He's moved from the glamour of Texas to a small village in Connecticut, which, from the sounds of it, appears to be filled with characters from a Jessica Fletcher novel.  He's found happiness with a doctor (his mother should be proud), and they're redoing their house.  Tommy has not given up show biz, however, and said he will be reappearing when the right role is offered.  Keep your eyes peeled here for an interview with the gracious celebrity, coming soon.

Lastly, if you want more info and the dirt on the Madonna "million dollar" release party that featured Jeff Palmer, Caesar (right) and Jeremy Tucker, click on over to Butch Harris' ManNet web site, and read all about the festivities and the porn stars' "crystal-studded codpieces" personally chosen by Ms. "M" herself.  It's at   And speaking of "dirt,"  it's a favorite here at V V, so if you've got some, email it along at, and share.  And I shall leave you at this point Elizabeth.

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