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Raging Stallion has released their annual holiday goodie. "Auto Erotica" is, as tradition would have it, a two-parter featuring their biggest and bestest, including Boomer Banks (more on him in a bit), Sean Zevran, David Benjamin, Brian Bonds, Johnny V, Derek Atlas...I could go on, and usually do. Part 1 is, they tell us, "a high-octane fuckfest, guaranteed to ignite fans’ sexual fuel and turn their crankshafts  " keeping with the theme of the title, of course, and part deuce's men are "...lean, mean, muscle machines that will get fans' engines revving."  But getting back to the Boomer, part deuce of this here movie features the hunky guy in his first bottoming scene. It's a flip-flop with Sean Zevran, and Boomer says he has "a feeling it won't be the last time I bottom on film."  So there ya go.  Steve Cruz' holiday blockbuster is out now, with scenes available for download on the busy website.







The upcoming epic from Hot House has put up the final scene, the sixth, which means we should be seeing the DVD released shortly.  Christian Owen's "Saddle Up" has Angelo and Ricky Decker in the outdoor sex epic, and the next one we'll see on the site will be the Gym Dudes film "Get Him Down," a martial arts-y thing, with Luke Adams, Owen Michaels and Sean Duran, for those who like to plan ahead.















This week's Look Who's Back segment features the multi-talented Ryan Raz. Not that he ever really left, because his tweets have continued to amuse during his brief absence from gay porn. He showed up recently in a scene, which was apparently shot a while ago, and has been spotted at numerous porn events around the world (he was quite the sensation on-stage at Berlin's Hustlaball), but he claims to back full-force, you should pardon the expression, with, not unexpectedly, a bareback scene, his first (on film), with Cam Christou on Dudes Raw. Amazingly,Ryan still looks the same as he did when he started...maybe a few different shades of Clairol, but still...Ryan is always good for a few laughs, like the time he once sold a Ziploc bag of his own poop.  One of the highlights of his career.  The next highlight will most likely be his upcoming scene for Treasure Island Media.  We know what fun all of them are.











A reminder to those in the industry who remember him fondly, a celebration of Jim Steel's life will be held this Saturday (the 6th) at Melvin's in the Ingleside Inn in Palm Springs. Jim, sadly, passed away a few weeks ago.


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Dirk Willis (right) is the hairy guy at High Performance Men. Dirk is an exhibitionist, big surprise, and is taking a break from his work in the garage to do some other work, on his hairy muscular body.  He moves on to his big cock and his hairy ass and...well, you can see for yourself at the High Performance Men website.

"Fixed and Fucked" is the story of...oh, you can figure it out. In this one, the Alphamales are "always willing to lend a hand and a cock." The scene features Valentin Alsina, Yohann Banks, Sam Bishop, and several others I've never heard of.





Remember Ronnie Larsen? How could we forget? The darling playwright/actor has been subdued the past few years, probably hiding out in some foreign country (my guess is Mexico, cause that's where he was).  Ronnie will be returning to the US of A with a revival of one his fun plays.  "All Male Peep Show" will be coming to Fort Lauderdale the beginning of March, and if you're a performer in the Wonderful World of Porn and are longing to be in the World of Live Theater, this is your big chance.  Ronnie's looking for some responsible, good-looking men (like, aren't we all…) to appear in his production."Our ideal candidate is a dancer who'd like to start acting," says the entrepreneur. He tells that the role requires on stage nudity, and the...ahem, actor…will be going into the audience at the end of the show and give lap dances.  The auditions will be held during the week of the 15th of December, so get with it. This could be your big break, and I don't even get a commission, so email a bio and a head shot (no, not THAT head) and one full body shot wearing shorts to the casting director. She'll contact you within 5a business days in she's interested.  I miss Ronnie.


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