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I turn 66 on Friday (12/12).  Though my life has slowed down a little, I’m still having FUN.   These days, when someone shows no class or respect … I just remember that, “it’s only porn.” 


I’ve been realizing that I’ve really been at this for a long time.  After 2 years at Stanford University, I put in 13 years as a music agent, manager, concert promoter and nightclub manager (1968-1981).  I started into the adult business in the summer of 1981.  After 15 years in the “XXX biz,”  I had to spend 19 ½ months in Calif. State Prison (Nov. of 1996-June of 1998) … and I’ve now done nearly 16 more years as a talent manager/agent (The Premiere Artists and Meet The Stars).   I’ve put everything under “one roof,” calling it, FUNintheFOREST.  I even have a weekly column, “From The Desk of David Forest.” 


I want to tell the entire story … it has been a wild ride.  I think I’ll begin in the middle of my 66 years … when I was 33.  That’s when I abruptly went from Rock to Cock.  


Here’s how this past 33 years all began…


The first several months of 1981 were up and down with my rock  nightclub, STARWOOD.  Our license had been revoked but we continued operating under a temporary injunction that the attorney got us.  But, on Tuesday, June 11 it all came to an end.  My regular backstage security guy (on our payroll who also took care of “talent treatment” for the acts working) … didn’t show for work. I had to use one of the “windbreaker” contemporary security goons.  They were sometimes very arbitrary and stern. 


Tuesday nights (and Wednesdays) were our weekly “new wave/punk rock nights” (Rodney  Bingenheimer was the DJ in the dance room).  Some punk rock guy who always had a hard time getting backstage when Morgan (the normal security guy) was there … confronted an even harder “blockade” on the 11th (with the “windbreaker” guy).  When he couldn’t sweet take his way past the guy … he pulled out a pretty big knife and stabbed him in the side.  When the Sheriff and EMT folks arrived … they told us that was in … we’re shutting you down.  Starwood never opened again. My rock music days came to a bloody end.


                          by David Forest

It's Still Fun at 66!

Jamie Wingo

IThe weekend before the stabbing night I had picked up Jamie Wingo off Santa Monica Blvd.  He was very hot, totally nasty and I actually moved him into my Kings Road apartment (very close to Starwood, South of Santa Monica Blvd. … with great condo buildings).  Jamie was from Atlanta but had been in San Francisco doing his first adult work.  He had met and become friends with Leo Ford and Lance, who he introduced me to.  He met Jon King cruising around the famous Circus of Books (SM Blvd in WeHo).

Jamie asked me if he could use my phone number for an ad in the “Advocate” (in those days it had the “pink section” for adult ads in each state

For escorting).  I figured, why not. The first time someone called for Jamie .. and he wasn’t home .. I seized the opportunity to create a fictional call service that I dreamed up on that first call.  I said, “Jamie isn’t here … but I’m sure I could find you a hot guy.  What are you looking for” (figuring I could get him interested in Leo, Lance or Jon King).  We agreed on $100 (hey, that was 33+ years ago) for any of the 3 guys (that’s what he was going to pay Jamie) … but, I couldn’t find any of the 3.  And that’s how I started in the “boy booking” biz.   

                  Leo                                                 Lance

                               Jon King                       

I took my own ad, calling it “Hottest Guy In L.A.”  They wouldn’t even let me use the word “boys” back then. That ad cost $10 and came out every 2 weeks in the Advocate Pink Section.   I didn’t use the boys’ porn names – no one knew them … until JEREMY SCOTT contacted me for work.  He had become very popular from his William Higgins movies (with Kip Noll).  He was the first porn star that I advertised and charged more than others to book.  His fee was $250 for 2 hours.  He was a curly haired cutie with a big dick.  People loved him.  He died of AIDS. 











At this same time, after starting my “call service,” I met a hot kid on Santa Monica Blvd.  He confessed to me that he had “escaped” from a Colorado prison when he was on a work force in the hills.   I was stupid enough to tell this kid about my “new” boy booking business.  And, when he eventually got caught … he told the authorities about what I was doing.   I got a call from what I thought was a young guy from jail … saying that he had met my buddy (the escaped boy) there … and would be interested in getting some work from me.  I didn’t realize that escaped criminals aren’t put with normal County jail kids.  This “young guy from jail” was actually a cop.  With the info that my escaped kid gave them … they figured they might as well see what I was up to.  I told the jail boy to call me when he was out.  He did … and I told him I’d meet him at the Mayfair market up the street from my apartment.. 


Just telling the boy (a cop that was wired for sound) about how I could get him some clients … constitutes “pandering.”  So, when I drove away from the market … I got pulled over by LAPD, who arrested me for pandering.  That was the first time I had ever been arrested.   Fortunately, my friend, Harry Weiss (the famous Hollywood attorney) was able to get me off on the charge after I agreed to meet with the cops that were involved in the Ed Nash Laurel Canyon murder case.  They were looking for John Holmes .. and thought I might have some info for them.  We sort of traded … me talking to them about Holmes in return for them getting me off the pandering charge.  I never had another legal hassle until my big arrest in 1992 … 10 years later … which ended up sending me to prison.


After that arrest was settled … I made friends with the cop who had handled things from the initial arrest.  I figured it was better for him to know that I was doing my “boy booking” stuff ... than having to fear that someone would find out.  The deal was pretty simple … I just had to keep in touch with him and let him know about anything or anyone I might run across that was totally bad.  I guess the word “informant” would apply.  But, I never got anyone in trouble unless they deserved it.  


Watch for David’s book, “From Rock to Cock,” coming in 2015.


Click Here for 10 minute video about The David Forest “Rock” years.




Jeremy Scott

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