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Who is that Ravishing Redhead to your left? Why, it's the (almost) world-famous celebrity and gay porn "star" Brent Corrigan, even though I personally would not use the term "ravishing" to describe his new look. But I digress. Brent, who has been around the block a couple of times, is returning to the Wonderful World of Porn as an - and here's that word again - "exclusive" for the Falcon Studio Group.  Brent, who disappeared from the, erotica end of the business of show a couple of years ago to pursue a career in mainstream acting and directing, will debut for the Edge division of Falcon in, predictably, "The New Brent Corrigan," and don't you just know you've made it in the business when your name not only appears before the title but in it as well.  His partners in the scenes will be Sean Zevran and Brian Bonds, with the first scene with Zevran going "live" on September 19, and the one with Bonds on October the third.  Brent, known in the real world as Sean Paul Lockhart, starred and directed under that name for several mainstream productions during his porn hiatus, and has remained popular during his absence. Unless I dreamed it, I think I read somewhere that this new "ginger" look is Brent's actual real-hair color (Brent, in the early days, to your right).  We'll have to see if the carpet matches the drapes in his upcoming Falcon/RagingStalliion/Hot House performances.




Everyone is just drooling like a fool over Lucas Kazan's latest "discovery" Andrea. The 18 year-old is, as you can see, just a delight, or, as Kazan director and "delight" himself Ettore Tosi (right, in case you've forgotten) put it, "Tanned, uncut, thick black hair, deep dark eyes, Andrea epitomizes the splendor of youth", and adds that the gifted athlete with an "all-sicilian twist," also can somersault and, as many an 18 year-old, has no problem at all keeping it hard for hours. Tosi also said the he had problems "getting just few soft shots," and Kazan himself told me he had "fun" editing this casting. Who wouldn't.





Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna can never have too many of them. Or so it seems, with the best of TitanMen "bad boys" appearing in their latest comp (must be "Comp Week") "Cops and Robbers." Look for Arpad Mikos, Jake Marshall, Dred Scott, Michael Ray, Dean Flynn, Ray Stone, Ray Dragon Dean Coulter and Eric Glock (right), just to name a few, in the new TitanMan release.


And so the NakedSword hit series "The Pack" comes to its conclusion, with the grand finale scene. It's an industry first, it says here.  An orgy, shot "live" during the Black Party in NYC, so you if you were there, maybe you can be seen in the background or, if you were even luckier, in the foreground.  The movie, as we all know, involves Cam Christou's character encountering a gang of highly sexual men who are in a sex "pack" let by Boomer Banks, and was inspired by the models real lives off camera.  These guys really know how to live. But I digress. This scene was shot on-stage at the actual event, with Boomer Banks, Leo Forte, Marcus Isaacs and Seven Dixon all taking turns pounding Cam in front of the lucky party-goers.  And if that's not enough, and can there ever be enough, NakedSword is also releasing a bonus scene called "Ritual 



Speaking of eleven-inch cocks as we are wont to do, check out the release of the new "Matt Hughes: Monster" movie, which really isn't new. It's a comp of horse-hung stud's best scenes, as we get to watch a "stable of willing bottoms get their holes and mouths filled by Matt's giant tool."  So let's see...eleven inches, fourteen guys, nine scenes, four hours, and two discs of "donkey-dicked delight." The double-disc set is from UKNakedMen and released by Hot House. Appearing with the, Matt, are Robbie Rivers, Ben Statham, Ludovic Canot and Mark Summers.

Raging Stallion has also released the 37th edition of their "Hairy Boyz" movies, and we do thank them from the bottom of our….well, you the idea….for all these wonderful specimens.  Included in this comp are scenes from "Dominus," "Nasty Fuckers," "Wild Ride," and "To The Last Man Part 1," and feature the furry bods of Morgan Black, Remy Delaine, Scott Tanner, RJ Danvers, Dominic Sol and Pistol Pete.


Mark Adams' VIEW 8.11.14  

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of Transformation," a look inside the Black Party, a true first in Black Party history, thanks to the director mr. Pam, the little devil.  This scene can only be seen on NakedSword, but is worth the price. "The Pack" is available on DVD and online, and it is worth it, as well.

And in a related item, NakedSword has announced that the one, the only, and the lovely Sister Roma has joined their team. After spending many years with Hot House and with SF's Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, the personable Roma will serve as art director and "overall Ambassador of Naked Sword," and will be appearing in a monthly Vlog with Tim Valenti, which will be a shorter version of their wacky "Tim and Roma" show.

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