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OK- promise. This is the last time I'll mention the Raging Stallion movie "Cock Fight!."  Well, at least, in this scribbling, anyway. But I'm sure you'd want to know that Landon Conrad is the winner in the studio's recent online competition, presented in conjunction with their Monster Bang movie. Landon won against Shaw Wolf (right) and Adam Ramzi after several rounds of a sex competition, the best kind. There were four rounds and, according to their PR, over 4000 voting fans. Landon won not only $1500 in prize money, but a trophy. All the battles….er, scenes, were premiered on the movie's membership site before the DVD release and scene downloads. And I'll just betcha they'll do something like this again. Congrats to Mr. Conrad, this year's Cock Fight! champion.




Lucas Kazan has found another new model. This one is 22 years-old. with broad shoulders, a chiseled six-pack, and a rock-hard body he's built at the beach. His name is Gabrielle, and he is "friendly, funny and down to earth," says Kazan director Ettore Tosi. He should know.  We look forward to Gabrielle's solo scene, cause that's all he'll do...for now, we can only hope.





Alphamales is now entering into the bound and fucked department, on the basement floor, if I remember correctly, with their new "Collared and Cuffed" movie. From director Ashley Ryder, this one from across the seas stars Adam Dacre, Aaron Steele, Alfie Stone (left) and Pedro Lucas (right), and I have no idea who they are, either. It's available on DVD, USB, HD and SD downloads from Eurocreme.






So, if I gave you the title "Stick It, Fuck It, Breed It, Leave It" and gave you three guesses for the studio, would it take you more than one try to come up with Treasure Island.  I doubt it. As we all know, the TIM guys don't "make love," they just want to get off. "Hit it and quit it, dump and run, bust a load and bounce."  They have a way with words. Scenes, if you can call them that, include a steamy bathhouse with Billy Blanco and a public barroom breeding where "the legendary TIM exclusive Drew Sebastian impales insatiable power bottom Jacob Lee."  Also featured are Christian, Peto Coast, Dolf Dietrich, Esteban, Kieran, Hot Rod, and yes, Samson.  Look for a bonus final performance from the late Sewperman (left),who passed away last fall at the age of 30, and who appears here with Antoni Biaggi and, OMG, it's Sean Storm (right), no longer a twink on a football team.. Who knew.  The movie is available on DVD and Download T Own.




Here we have Rob, yet another "mostly straight" 19 year-old with a bi-curious streak.  He is, it says here, "quite manly for his 19 years," whatever that means. Maybe they're referring to his appealing uncut dick, who knows.  You can check him out on the HardBritLads site.




It looks like Parker London is back in the biz...or not. Hard to tell these days, with studios releasing material from, vaults, put there god-only-knows when. But Next Door Buddies has a bonus scene up, with Parker having sex in a men's room with ginger James Jamesson, who also has left the biz. Doesn't matter - fun to watch the two of 'em carry on in a toilet, like the good old days.



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Mark Adams' VIEW 6.9.14  

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I hadn't checked into the lunacy at the Bait Buddies site for awhile, but it's a slow week and what the hell.  Seems they found a "true southern gentleman," a "pastor's son," trying to break into the porn business.  I'm sure daddy could have would be proud...but I digress.  This 20 year-old "straight boy" is 6'1, with 8 inches. Oh -he's also a country-gospel singer. He likes "hot, rugged southern ladies who can go camping, ride horses, and lead a genteel southern housewife type of life while fucking like a whore in the bedroom."  Well, in typical Bait Buddies fashion, the girl they told him he'd be performing with fails to show up, so he's stuck with blond Billy. There should be some award for the guy who writes this stuff. And the few who buy it.





NextDoorMale presents Jay Stoney, whose "claim to fame" is his giant cock. He's not much on words, but why bother, with that member. He entertains us, stroking his..ahem…"long-fellow" from the confines of his bathtub. Never heard it called that before.  


Lastly, for something a bit different (yeah, like Bait Buddies wasn't enough…), we have the new Citebeur release from French Connection.  "ScottXXX 2" is the second in their series, I guess, of sock sniffing, foot worshipping, trainer sniffing (even I don't know what THAT is), toe sucking, and sneaker-sex action from the UK's "fittest and filthiest lads."  They are, in no particular order, Fraser Jacs, Andy Lee, Jace Tyler, and the titled-star, Scott Sniff Socks. That's his name And iut's not even hyphenated. I don't make this up.


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