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Isn't he just delightful to look at. He is Dario Beck, and yes, you've no doubt seen him at his loveliest and liveliest for Titan, and now you will find him on the Raging Stallion label. Dario has signed as an exclusive for the Stallion and Falcon, and can be viewed in the first scene of his new film "Gran Vista," directed by Bruno Bond. Dario is paired with Abraham Al Malek, also in his Raging Stallion debut.  I think it's just swell that two of the most major gay porn studios can mention each other in their press releases, just like Louis B.Mayer and Roy Cohn never did. But I digress. Dario, and that hairy ass, can also be seen in is Steve Cruz' "The Tourist," also shot in Spain.  







Raging Stallion has also released the second part of "Under My Skin,"with Boomer Banks and Seven Dixon. mentioned in these scribblings previously.  It's the one about "tattoos and attitude," cause you can never have too much of either.








It's "Welcome Back Bruno Boni" month at  Who knew. Also mentioned here previously, and who hasn't been, Bruno won a pornstar contest in Rome in 2007, filmed an audition with Ettore Tosi (aaah…), was on the cover of Kazan's "Italians and Other Strangers," and then retired, saying he was "too young...not prepared."  That has changed, as he's back with new "manlier" look, a beard, a hairy chest and "that oh-so-adorable Florentine accent."  That's why we love him...the accent.  Yup. That's it.










COLT has released the second scene from their upcoming DVD "Embrace," featuring Connor Maguire and Jimmy Durano. The boys wake up together "with one thing on their minds." It's a morning full of mutual cock worship, as it should be.






In last week scribblings, we mentioned that Jake Cruise had returned in front of the camera for the first time in 9 months, and asked, "Did he have a child? Jake's not saying…"  Well, Jake told me, "I can categorically say I did not have a child." Thanks, Jake, for clearing that up.  








With "series" apparently being the new thing, NakedSword has a new one called "The Pack," hot on the heels of their previous successes.  This one was filmed in NYC around Black Party weekend, and you know what happens there.  Directed by the prolific mr Pam, who knows her way around a party or three, "The Pack" features Boomer Banks, Cam Christou, Blue Bailey, Leo Forte, Rafael Alencar, and others, and it center's around Christou's character, who meets "a gang of highly sexual gay men in NYC who are in a sex pack...led by Boomer Banks."  The movie features a live sex show filmed at that same Black Party, and a scene that was filmed on a subway train, a special treat, no doubt, for commuters. There is a full length DVD, which is available along with the first episode online, which features Blue Bailey and Leo Forte in the aforementioned scene titled "Derailed." The DVD is released by Raging Stallion.  Follow that?







Mark Adams' VIEW 7.21.14  

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I could swear I did an item about this guy before...I mean, after all, how could you forget someone named James Hard. And he's a looker - 28 years old, a footballer he's with a huge uncut cock.  It's a solo,but he's nice to watch, playing with his big nipples and did I mention the huge uncut member. It's on the HardBritLads site now.

It's not porn, but the latest gay web series is worth a look.  "Dudes" is a "dramedy," you know, sort of like HBO's "Looking."  It is, it says here, about three gay guys who are "trying to navigate life, love and sex on the wrong side of thirty...and they know it."  The writer/creator of the "Dudes" is Andrew Pemberton-Fowler, and even his name is just so classy. I'd never heard of him, but that didn't stop me from getting in touch and asking some probing questions. He, of course, had no idea who I was, either, so he replied. You can read it here (or, if you're in the New England area, in an upcoming issue of Savoir Flaire magazine). The first episode of "Dudes" is online here, a preview of the show is on YouTube, and you can get more updates at the show's official website.


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