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Familiar with Colt Rivers? You already are, if you're a fan of the Sean Cody stuff. Colt makes his debut for the big time (not that Cody is chopped liver) with Hot House in their new Gym Dudes line. "The Club" is new from Christian Owen, and Colt appears along with Vance Crawford, Connor Kline, Darius Ferdynand, Dylan Knight, Joseph Rough, and Lance Luciano. The scene with Colt and Vance is up now.

Mark Adams' VIEW 4.21.14


Hot House has also released yet another Christian Owen goodie "Get Your Ass In Gear! Pt.2," which is a follow-up to...oh, you know. Hunks in jockstraps, shoulder pads, football helmets, knee pads, protective cups, and, more importantly, without them. The cast of this one includes Bobby Hart (left), Connor Kline, Dylan Knight, James Ryder, and Alexander Gustavo (right). A double-whammy from Christian, I must say.

The plentiful number of Joe Gage fans are rejoicing this week over the release of the first scene of his new movie "Chain Reaction." TitanMen, the home to Gage's recent work, has also set up a site exclusively featuring Joe's Titan releases. This new one is a collection of scenes with a common theme - the first scene features Hunter Marx as a cop and Jessy Ares as an artist. Sexual adventures ensue involving a two-headed dildo.

If you've...ahem...had enough porn for awhile and need a break, you could do worse than catch the latest episode of a web series called "RuPaul Drives." The show is similar to a series that Jerry Seinfeld does, only here with better clothes, where Ru drives around LA with various celebs, discussing, you know, world peace and other such nonsense. In the newest, RuPaul picks up none other than Chi Chi LaRue, in her man drag, and they dish on everything from the directress' favorite movies to how much much porn stars get paid, to his favorite movie in a career that has thus far run almost three decades. It's fascinating and a hoot, and runs about 10 minutes or so.

From the vaults at Channel 1 comes "Unknown: Ghost of a Chance,"from 2008. Directed by Chi Chi and written by Eddie Stone, a memorable name from the past, it features Blake Riley (right), Vinnie D'Angelo, Trystian Sweet and Chad Hunt. "Penalty Of Sex" is from 2000, and was originally an All Worlds release, with a cast including Viktor, Robert, Imrich and Lubimor, which sounds like a product Chi Chi would have on display in her store. Lastly, we have "Jocks, Socks and Cocks," with Benjamin Bradley, Jan Fischer, Nick Marino and Trent Atkins, and should not be confused with "Socks, Jocks and Cocks," a 2010 release from Factory Video. Got all that?

Coming up before you know it is the Grabby Awards, the 2014 edition. It's a little more than a month away, with the festivities taking place in Chicago on May 24th as part of IML weekend. I haven't heard anything about hosts, presenters, or trophy boys, but the Grabbys do have a category that you, the viewer, can vote in, Well, not really the "Grabbys," but the Grabbys and Steamworks, a gay bathhouse chain that appears in several cities but not in Boston because we don't do that sort of thing here) continue their collaboration for the Fan Favorite Award, and, by voting, you could also win a couple of tickets to the awards show as welll as a Steamworks Black Card VIP Membership, and who wouldn't want one of those. You can vote before May the 2th for your favorite here.

The new series from CockyBoys is called "Kiss-Hug-Fuck-Love," inspired by Jake Jaxson's 15 year relationship with the director of photography RJ Sebastian. The creative movie stars Colby Keller, Duncan Black and new CockyBoy Justin Matthews. If you've seen his earlier series, you know that Jaxson's work is a beauty to behold, as are his models. and the first scene is available now.

New to the Helix Studios is 18 year-old Kody Knight, because there can never be too many "Knight"s in the Wonderful World of Porn. This cutie twink with the enormous schlong (the ass ain't bad, either) is from Ohio, although it says in the PR that he first made a splash at the Phoenix Pride Festival, which I don't think is in Ohio. Kody is a recent high school jock, into soccer, wrestling and track, and a self-proclaimed outdoorsman. He is now based in California, and has just released a solo scene for Helix, with a full sex scene due shortly. Oh. He also says he's a bisexual virgin from a religious family, and using gay porn as way to try sex with guys. Try it, you'll like it.

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