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It's not available quite yet, but Hot House director Christian Owen has been getting attention in the gay media by releasing some pics from the set of his new unnamed project.  It features  delightful newbie Marko Cabo, who is featured in his scene with the equally stunning Donnie Dean.  The movie is being filmed in Las Vegas, the apparently-new home to porn studios.  Christian's latest release for Hot House is "Horseplay," an outdoorsy thing with Brandon Jones, Dylan Knight, Mike De Marko, Connor Maguire, Logan  Vaughn and the amusingly-named Steve Stiffer (right).




There's nothing like a good toilet movie to perk up a rainy weekend, and the latest voyeur's delight is "Cruised," from the fine folk at Eurocreme.  From the PR: "Taking time out from the club to take a much needed piss has never been hornier," followed by  "...thick juicy dicks and empty their bladders with an audience paying full attention to the job in hand." The participants include Bruno Bernal, Darius Ferdynand, Steven Prior and Alex Silvers, filmed in the toilets of South London and directed by Ashley Ryder.  "You can almost taste the mix of urine and lemon freshener combining with sweat and spunk as the young men are pushed against cubicle walls and raised into doorways and on top of urinal troughs," I couldn't make this up.










I'm sure you remember Riley Tanner, the lovely young model signed by a couple of months ago. He did a solo scene back then, and is now debuting as a top with Brandon Moore. The scene is the last of Ford's "Fire Island Staff House" series. Another fine production from Ford, but perhaps he can hide Tanner's razor when the pubeless guy isn't looking. That would be much better, if you ask me, and that way, Riley wouldn't have to cover it up for photos..





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You'll be pleased to learn that NakedSword's new series is now up and running. "Hotel Hook-Up" was filmed in Chicago during this year's Grabby Awards festivities.  Directed by porn performer Leo Forte, who "studied" for several years with mr. Pam and we know what that means, the "Hotel Hook-Up" is where you can ..."let your hair down, scream, fuck, make a mess, shower and even order champagne afterwards." Even better, never care how the room looks when you're done because you don't have to clean it up. Let's hear it for the maids.  The first episode is "Daddy's Boy," where guests Aleks Buldocek and Seamus O'Reilly give the clean-up help plenty to look forward to.


Over at, the "home of the hottest gay Asian men," we find Santiago Figueroa and James Dickinson, having trouble remembering their lines, yes, hard to believe, but they manage to perform anyway.  We get a look behind the scenes, as they film "Espresso Love" around LA. Not that it matters, but I haven't figured out yet which one of them is Asian.

From the Any Excuse To Run A Fine Picture Department comes the handsome bodybuilder Alex Graham. The guy with the huge muscles, massive biceps, bulging six-pack and legs...lots of legs!....plays with his big nipples and big bulge in this solo-only scene at  A partner would nice next time, Alex.  



Vidioview-ers in the Atlanta area will be reveling in the late-in-the-year Gay Pride festivities this coming Columbus Day weekend. David Forest wants us to know that porn fave Topher DiMaggio will be appearing at a "kick-off" event on Thursday night at TEN Atlanta, which I hear is reminiscent of Micky's in WeHo. It's at 990 Piedmont Ave NE, and Topher will be doing a "show" and a meet-and-greet.

Lastly, I'm late to the rodeo for this one, but thanks my friend George at Berkeley Barber Shop, I caught the antics of Michael Hoffman.  He's the (supposedly) 19-year old who (supposedly) sold his JO vids for (supposedly) 10G, and then expressed surprised when they showed up on the internet and he became a gay sensation, only to pull them all down. He then put up a YouTube, (supposedly) explaining why he did it. Then, he pulled that down as well. If you missed it all, here's a link to it, and bless Zach at Str8UpGayPorn for saving it all for our prurient interests.

Mark Adams' VIEW 10.6.14  

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