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Line forms to your right if you're a porn performer who has been on...ahem…"hiatus" for more than 20 minutes.  We've recently mentioned Zack Randall and Jeremy Walker; now, it's Chris Rockway. Chris hasn't been around for maybe six months or so, but he is back, with a new scene for Randy Blue. He worked there way back in 2006, and also make a name for himself in straight stuff as Cash Hunter. You could say that the "straight" moniker would be perfect for gay films, since he appears to be gay for pay, but enough from me on that. Rockway's partner in this new one is Killian James, and he talked with our colleague Vincent Lambert about that matter recently, and you can also comment there on who (or is that whom…) will be the next to reappear. 







Brent Corrigan fans will be thrilled to hear that Falcon has released his first DVD for the studio. "Jacked" is from Falcon's Edge line, directed by Nick Foxx, and also features Ryan Rose, but doesn't everything, Brian Bonds, Sean Zevran, and others.  Brent appears in two scenes.













Proving just how important it is for studios to sign exclusive, CockyBoys has just signed Liam Riley.  Hmm, you say, wasn't it just a few months ago that the young man was introduced as a Helix Studios exclusive. Yes, that's true.  Of course, it might have been one of those "Exclusive-for-20-minutes" thing. Who knows. Anyway, Liam is now with Jake Jaxson and the gang for the latest ghost story from the studio called "Meeting Liam." In the new scene, look for Liam paired with Levi Karter.









Who was that trick-or-treater a few days ago?  Could've been Joe Hardness, the newbie over at Bear Films. He's a "classic" bear, in his 40s, salt-and-pepper beard, plush fur...what more can you ask. His scene for studio is Halloween-oriented, at the mercy of a sadistic beast.  Can you just wait to see it.


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BelAmiOnline has released the next two parts of their "Fucking Kris" series. Part 3 features Kris Evans with Kevin Warhol in a "classically romantic scene" with lots of kissing, if that's your thing. Part 4 in the "Fucking Kris" series has Kris fucking and not anyone fucking Kris.  It's a four-way, if you're keeping count.




It took three directors for the latest release "House Rules" from Titan. Paul Wilde, Dave Richards, and good ol' Jasun Mark put the TitanMen to work in three scenes, including George Ce, Alex Graham, Tony Orion, Adam Champ and Christopher Daniels. Individual scene will be appearing on the Titan site as we speak.




Mark Adams' VIEW 11.03.14  

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If you're a fan of the Fratboy site, let it be known that duos are back. Since I'm not part of the Fratboy fandom, I can't exactly say what the big deal is, but the site has been around since sliced bread, so they obviously know what they're doing in bringing back duos, along with a familiar Fratboy performer Micky, who made appearances with his twin brother, Fratman AJ, a couple of years ago. Micky will be joined in his adventure by Fratman Maddox, who is a nominee for Best Webcam performer at the upcoming Cybersocket Awards, along with a gazillion or so others. The "live" show will be on your device this coming Saturday.

Now let's discuss triple penetration.  There's only so much double penetration before you start losing interest, so it's a natural progression. Dirk Caber is the lucky guy in a new scene for, and I'm sure it was enough to take his mind off the nasty goings-on with Facebook that I'm sure you've been keeping up with on "Inside Edition," or one of those class act shows. But I digress, Dirk is a daddy to three sons..well, actually step-sons, I guess, who are, of course, all terribly legal.  This is all part of an 8-episode series for the webber called "Stepfather's Secret," and this three...or is it four-some is the finale.  One word: "Ouch."

Here's another hottie from across the sea. Alexx Desley (with two "X"'x) is actually from Amsterdam, appearing on the UKHotJocks site.  He is "very Dutch and endearing," it says here, and there isn't a part of his ripped body that doesn't have tattoo on it.  Each one has a story, he says, and I'm sure that if you were to be lucky enough to have sex with him, you'd want to hear every one of them. Yeah, right.  Not mention his "thick, veiny, pierced cock, which is always oozing pre-cum."


Kristen Bjorn's latest scene is "Men in the City 2: A Lucky Day," and lucky for us as well. Featured here are Tony Gys, Darious Ferdynand and Gorka Martin, and Bjorn men are always a pleasure to look at.


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