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Let's start by taking a look at some of the new exclusives - yes, that's  plural - signed this week by Raging Stallion/Falcon and Hot House. First off, here is David Benjamin. David will be making his debut for the conglomerate in the upcoming DVD "Crave," for the Stallion's Edge line.  He's also wrapped up two more scenes for Monster Bang. A quick worker, that David and his "eight inches of manhood."  In the PR release, David thanks his agents Trenton Ducati and Michael Youens.  Now there's a name I haven't heard in a while, but I digress. David is a college grad and a former communications professional.

Then there's Brian Bonds. He signed a long-term agreement, and will appear in Falcon's fall "blockbuster" two-parter "Naughty Pines," not to be confused with Shady Pines, where they keep trying to ship me. He too will be seen, along with his eight or so inches, in the aforementioned "Crave" and a Hot House movie yet to be titled. His forte is fisting and fetishes, and will appear in a new Chris Ward-directed fisting epic, but that won't stop him from performing in "a wide variety of kink-focused movies" in the coming months.



Lastly, at least last time I checked, the porn giant "finalized" an exclusive agreement with newbie Johnny V. Perhaps they'll even give the primarily-bottom guy a last name.  The "blond and bold" performer will debut for Hot House next month, and, surprise, he, too, will be in Falcon's "Naughty Pines."  I won't know where to look first.



Speaking of the good old days, more releases from years past continue to turn up at the Channel 1 site, the latest batch including "Brothers Next Door," with a fine box cover of Alan Gregory. The 2002 All Worlds movie also offers Chay Crawford, Joe Romano, Marco Paris and Danny Lopez.

From 1996 comes "Black Street Fever," a"high-quality Tony Amoure video" featuring the talents and body parts of Amoure and Paul Hansen, T-Spoon, Duke Johnson and Ricky Paz. Both of these oldies are available now.

The latest scene at the PeterFever site has the hunky guy telling us about his run each morning that gets "my blood pumping and I'm energized."  While running, he gets a call from Josh, a guy he was fooling around with recently, and it got him so excited, "I just couldn't wait."  A treat for those watching him run, I'm sure. But the question about the image sent with the PR is, why is his right armpit shaved, and his left pit not?  I hope this is not some new thing. I may have to get Brandon Baker, the armpit expert, to check into this.


Max Sohl sent along some images of Marcus Isaacs, who is the subject, if you can call it that, of the latest Treasure Island sex marathon "Breeding Marcus Isaacs."  Max says that for all intents and purposes, it could have been called "Marcus' 20 Load Weekend," in a reference to our friend Dawson's classic frolic of a decade or so ago.  This one wasn't a one-shot deal, you should pardon the expression, but a great deal of it was shot at the recent NYC Black Party, with a "parade of all-star top men who stopped by."  They include Adam Russo, Ray Dalton, Bob Yaeger, and yes, Shane Frost joined in as well. He's come a long way, that Shane.  "This video is hot as fuck," says Max.  Words to live by.


Now that we've covered this week's exclusives,, we can talk about the whole "exclusives" issue.  Well, not us so much as David Forest. The inimitable manager and legend has done an op-ed piece called "To Be Or Not To Be," which, he says, will be the first of a series about the current state of the gay porn industry. David expounds on what it means to both the studios and the performers who sign contracts, and who should know better about this than Ms. Forest, who has been repping artists since the late 1800s, or so it seems.  Although the piece covers mostly performers he has handled for the past several decades, beginning with Leo Ford, it is even more pertinent today, with the changes that have occurred in the industry over the last couple of .. Who of a certain age can forget the histrionics of such names from the past as Jeff Palmer, Jason Adonis, Billy Brandt, Christian Fox and, good grief, I even remember Scott Randsome. Aah, the good old days. The website GayPornBlog ran David's piece in full  over the weekend, and, of course, it is up on David's FunInTheForest site as well.


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