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Because of the frightening lack of drama this week, several new releases from the Big Boys will dominate today's scribblings, beginning with the new Tony Dimarco-directed Falcon release "Cockstar," which features a group of super-cockstars. These include not just exclusives, but "A-Team Exclusives" Ryan Rose, Sean Zevran and Johnny V, along with Lance Luciano, Brandon Jones, Luke Adams and Alexander Gustavo (right). Rock star? Porn star? Oh, no, he's a...ta-da…"Cockstar."







In the Raging Stallion offices of the conglomerate, their Monster Bang division offers up their A-Teamers in "Guard Patrol," with Bruno Bond directing dominant tops working over insatiable bottoms, as it should be.  The "thrilling" feature presents Brian Bonds (left), Ryan Rose, David Benjamin, Christian Wilde, Mitch Vaughn and Rocco Stelle (right) in his Falcon debut, who has not just a "monster,"but is "massively-hung."  Stay with it for the "epic" orgy scene at the end, which seems to go on forever.













More TitanMen than you can shake a stick at, assuming you'd want to do that sort of thing, appear in "Tool Belt"-Blue Collar TitanMen," a comp of six scenes with a lucky-13 of the rough and tough guys. Appearing in scenes hand-picked by Bruce Cam and Brian Mills are Francois Sagat, Hunter Marx, Tober Brandt, Spencer Reed, Max Schutler, Bret Clark and that hairy darling Danny Vox, the Jimmy Fanz of several years ago (he showed up under another name at one of those "message-for-men" sites a couple of years ago).










Speaking of which, we offer up, without comment, the latest from Europe's Staxux outfit. "In The Ass of the Father" is on the cutting SauVage label, and has director John Smith (!) tapping once again into the religous vein to give us, it says here, "a top-notch display of church life from the inside, where the battle for hearts and souls always seems to come second-best to the battle for hard cocks and hungry, pert asses." Hence, the title, I guess. The cast features a cast of young men, unknown to me but what do I know, and also includes a "religious piss scene." The bible-reading adds a nice touch as well. I don't make this up (so much for "without comment").  The movie was filmed in the Netherlands, if that's important to you, and is released in the US by RAD Video.


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The Kristen Bjorn camp has released a new DVD of stuff previously available online. "The Secret Gift" is directed by Bjorn fave Strongboli, and the plot, cause that's why we watch these, concerns a mystery novelist and his boyfriend renting an "unsettling" mansion, when they discover they are not alone. How nice for them.  The cast includes several typical Bjorn types, exampled here.  The movie is available on the Bjorn site.





New from Treasure Island is the sixth movie in their "Cheap Thrills" series, featuring three "breeding" scenes with their exclusive Drew Sebastian and his fabled 10-incher (they are inseparable), and a bonus scene with Derek Parker and Logan Stevens that has not appeared on their TIMFuck site. It is, as you'd expect from TIM, a "frenzy of sucking, rimming and fucking with enough splooge for even the neediest cum junkie." As with all Treasure Island releases, it's difficult to find a suitable image to use in this fine family blog, but we do our best. Sebastian is to your left.




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This week's fix from NakedSword Originals is the second scene of the studio's "Dirty Deeds" series. The co-production of Naked Sword and Bel Ami here features Connor Maguire and Phillipe Gaudin, directed by the glorious mr. Pam, who had, she says, "...a blast (shooting this)...Connor must be the funniest guy in porn."  Yes, gay porn can be a laugh-a-minute."  She adds, "Phillippe is sweet, smart and hilarious as well."  Just a pantload of fun. The scene is up now.


Eurocreme has relaunched their sub-studio Hung Ladz with a brand new director. Jon Flynn films and directs some new faces, including the studio's exclusive Marco DuVaul and well-known (but not to me) Brit performer Micky Taylor (left). It is, it says here, "a "molly-whopper of a movie."  I'll have to Google that one.

Eurocreme also delves into the "dark yet sexy" side of porn with their latest called "City Boy," with Marco Duvaul, Kai Alexander and Alex Garcia, in a film by Blacky Mendez, just to throw out some names that don't ring a bell.  The studio's Bulldog line has just released "Worshipped," and the image to your right says it all.


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