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What could be more fun than having someone like Leo Domenico (left) as our tutor of just about anything at all.  Such is the theme of yet another gem from called "The English Tutor," with Leo in the title role, along with Raul Korso (right). Director Ettore Tosi, himself a stunner, agrees, saying "Too bad my own professors looked nothing like Leo; none taught that way either!" What can he mean. Raul is Italian and Lebanese, and was told he looked sexier when he's pouting. Hmmm. There's another porn guy who also seems to feel that escapes me...but I digress yet again. "The English Tutor" is debuting now at the Kazan site.







For those of you who follow the antics of the BoundJocks at the COLT Studio Group, you might be interested in the latest scene to appear on their site. It's the first time in many a year for the site's guru Kristofer Weston, known to his fans as "Mr. Kristofer,"  to appear on camera. And that's because he got to do a "puppy scene" with his pup Tyler Rush, whose pup name is Amp. Everyone needs a pup name.  Amp is a very good boy, says Kristofer. How nice for us.  I stole the classic pic of Mister Kristofer from his blog page, in case you're interested in seeing others.
















While you're there, check out the new scene for COLT Minute Man's solo series called "Men of Summer," even tho it's not even close to that season.  It features sexy Buck Santiago in his COLT debut, shedding his jeans and showing off his "truly gifted piece of uncut manhood.

And while you're there (just to repeat myself), reminisce with our friend John Rutherford's very first COLT adventure, the classic "Reload," with the fine pairing of Chase Hunter and Lane Fuller (right) and some typical Rutherford sun 'n fun poolside.











We would be neglectful not to extend birthday greetings to David Forest, who this week celebrates his 66th birthday.  Though his email blasts are not as frequent as during his hey-day, David, like the Energizer bunny, just keeps on going, bless his heart, what with the changing industry and all.  He's still running his businesses, all of which are well-known, some more than others, if you catch my drift, and he's been in the process of chronically his life the past six decades or so. Neophytes to the gay porn industry (as well as those of a slightly more mature age) might be interested, on a rainy day, to read up on Ms. Forest's exploits, and you can begin by checking out this celebration here, written by the Forestman himself, who says he's still having fun.






Because we know you want to be kept up to date, the porn guy who tried to smuggle ½ pound of meth out of the country in his asshole (ass, to your left) was sentenced by a federal judge.  The hunk known as Bruno Knight, nee Phillip Gizzie, took a deal, and will be spending possibly a couple of years in the slammer. His defense attorney had hoped for six-months, but even with a two-year sentence, he will probably be out a lot sooner.





More goodies from Channel 1 this week, including one described in their PR as "new," but I doubt it. It's called "Spit Roasted Pigs," just the way we like 'em, and carries the All Worlds label.  The movie features "Dick Pig" Adam Young, (who looks like he borrowed Bruno's jockstrap, see pic above) along with Jack Ryan, Brad Benton and Tag Adams, none of whom have made a movie (to my knowledge) in ages. In fact, last I heard, Tag was in the slammer, sentenced a couple of years ago to an eight-year term on sex and drug charges involving a minor.  He had snail-mailed me (and several others) claiming his innocence at the time, but he did plead guilty to all charges. So unless the feds are letting in Channel 1 filming crews, I'd say the "Spit Roasted Pigs" movie is not quite "new." But I digress.

Not designated as "new" but still worthy of your attention are the re-releases of Peter Romero's 1999 film "Tales From Two Cities," with Blake Harper, Steve Rambo, Jason Branch, Steve Hurley, Dave there's a cast. And from 2001 comes Catalina's "A Sure Thing," featuring Jason Crowe, Ariel Santos, Luke Sabre and Mitch Ryder.  


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The French Connection continues releasing some Jean Daniel Cadinot features to their catalog. The latest is called "Emergency Exit," translated from the French "Sortie de Secours," from what they tell me.  This is the 26th of the Cadinot films, and there will be a total of 64 all together to put on your wish list.

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