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It's Award Season - everywhere.  If your cable company, like mine, declined to broadcast last week's double-porn-shows, for some unknown reason, the Cybersockets Awards were the first to run, with their numerous nominees in a variety of categories.  There were two overall categories, the Industry Choice Awards, mostly for those of us who make a small fortune off the Wonderful World of Porn, and the Surfer's Choice Awards, dedicated to you, the viewer. Mark Dalton did indeed show up with the Forest man, and did an interview with Sister Roma, which no doubt will show up on the Tim and Roma Show or whatever they're calling it this year. The complete list of winners is posted at the Cybersocket site, if you are so inclined, where you'll find the aforementioned Roma, bless her heart, winning Best Personality, Best Newcomer was Tayte Hanson (left), and given the Cybersocket Wall of Fame Award of Excellence was none other than Michael Lucas.  The Cockyboys studio and their models and movies won most of the others, with some exceptions, of course.









A few nights later came the XBIZ Awards.  Altho mostly for the straight part of the porn industry, they do have a few..a VERY few….gay categories and, again, the Cockyboys were the big winners, except for Gay Performer of the Year Landon Conrad and maybe one or two others.  If you really are interested in the straight porn biz, you'll be amazed at the huge list of XBIZ winners at their site, though I didn't have a clue who most of them were, and I'd like it to stay that way.

















Since the Falcon Studios Group contains probably at least 50% of the gay stuff, it's no surprise that much of the items are devoted to it, beginning with the Group announcing their branding themselves as "America's Gay Porn Company."  Not unlike "Wheel of Fortune"'s branding as "America's Game," only a lot hotter, the Group as a  new company logo, their A-Team group of models, and all the other stuff you've come to know and jerk off to from the various studios contained there.  The official start to the campaign is the release of a new scene at the Raging Stallion site. It's from their upcoming film "America's Finest," featuring "100% All-American A-Team Exclusives," featuring Andrew Stark and Brent Corrigan in the first scene, up now, with the others becoming available in future weeks.

















Lastly, and I'll try to present this without comment and we'll just see how that goes, the new fetish movie from Treasure Island is "Knocked Out Jerked Off Volume 9," from Jack Miller's "hugely popular sleeping man"series. This is Miller's perennial study of broke and broken men, each of whom "ingests 'knock out' pills and booze, yielding their unconscious bodies to the exploring hands and cocks of Jack and his buddies."  The guys in the eight scenes are "fresh from jail, fired from their jobs...and ask not to remember what happens to them on camera."  I don't make this shit up...damn, so much for "without comment."



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Not only does Falcon introduce a new blockbuster movie, but the Falcon Group has announced the release of, in their words, "the largest Supercock Dildo of all time."  It belongs to, and no shocker here, the always-charming Boomer Banks, a super-sized, molded, uncut sex toy, or whatever you prefer to call these things.  The Group is also having a lBoomer Banks DVD sale, with 20 of his movies discounted. As Mr. Banks so delicately put it, "I just can't personally fuck everyone, so I am excited that thousands of people can now have a realistic Boomer Banks experience! Just be careful! I’m very big! It’s amazing how lifelike and accurate it is…" Indeed.







Getting back to those wild and crazy Cockyboys, you'll be pleased to hear that Asher Hawk is back.  Don't know from where, but he brought a "buddy" with him.  The lad is Jo Diamond, your typical Cockyboy with hard abs, uncut dick, tattoos, and "a quiet yet strong personality and so much fun to be around."  The huge uncut dick could have something to do with that.

The new handsome devil at Lucas Kazan is Logan Moore. The gorgeous guy was Mr. Gay Netherlands at 16, while I was still watching "Saved By The Bell."  He became a fashion model and is now one of Europe's sexiest, most promising, and most sought after pornstar, according to Kazan. Logan mesmerizes with a candid interview about himself (while fingering his hole, of course) and does a solo.  Now let's get him a partner, shall we?




The new one from Titan is a 'fun-in-the-sun outdoor fuckfest" called "Sunstroke." The first scene of this comp is up now, with Dean Flynn and Jock Hudson. Also featured in the film are Jesse Ares, Damien Crosse, Jackson Wilde, David Anthony, and a plethora of other lovelies.



From Chi Chi LaRue comes "Daddy Chasers," on the Catalina label from Channel 1. The cast includes Trenton Ducati, Sam Truitt (and isn't he just a dream on that box cover), Jason Phoenix, and the ever-popular "many more."  The first scene is up now.




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