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The big news in the Boston area is not even taking place in Boston. It's in Providence (what...did you expect news about anything porn/sex-related in Boston??) and the new club is EGO.  You can visit any of the gay clubs in Providence on a given night, and you could be in Boston's legendary (and, to some, greatly-missed) Combat Zone, so traveling the 50 or so miles to be entertained is no big deal.  The entertainment is being delivered by Chris Harris Productions, and I am pleased to inform you that you just missed the Porn Preview Party last weekend featuring Titan performer Eddy Ceetee. I understand the club also features "strippers" from other studios, including some of the young men from Helix, along with other features that would never see the light of day here in the Hub.  You can check out EGO and its "X Room" all-male revue at their website (click here), and do let me know about,  adventures.










Speaking of the TitanMen, as we are wont to do on a regular basis, their latest release is "In The Shadows," which involves some dirty fantasies that are brought to life "in the shadows,"should you ask. Dirk Caber and Nick Prescott appear in the first scene, up on their website now, and the DVD also has Dario Beck, Adam Champ, Kevin Le and Tony Orion. No Eddy Ceetee in this one.


















When all else fails, here are a couple more of the moldy-oldies from the Catalina vault at Channel 1. "Asian Persuasion: is just what it says, featuring one of the early performances of Brandon Lee. Also in the cast of the 1997 production are Sam Crockett, Brad Davis, Mike Nichols (no, not THAT one) and Tishiro Ho.


There were two movies with the title "Motel Sex" released in 2002.  One was by the legendary Gino Colbert, which featured, horror of horrors, men over thirty with actual body hair. The other was from Dirk Yates on the All Worlds label. about a run-down motel with Marines, as you'd expect from Mr. Yates. The cast included Cliff Alan, Lance Landers, and several of the infamous one-name wonders like Task, Steve and Pete.  Yates did a follow-up in 2007, creatively titled "Motel Sex 2," with Calvin Kelly, Jude Collin, Derek, Shane and Mario.  These are now also available at Channel 1.


















Kristofer Weston and his Bound Jocks line for COLT continue, this time featuring Jordan Foster, tied with his arms to the ceiling and his balls to his ankles, when in comes "bully boy" Wolfie Blue. You can only imagine what happens next, or, you can just watch it. Seems like the proper thing to do.




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Falcon has released the first movie with their new exclusive Sebastian Kross in his first on-camera sex. The movie is called "Krossfire," and how many newbies have their very first film named after them, I ask you rhetorically.  On the studio's Edge label, the film also features Colton, who appears in one of the scenes with Kross and was only Kross' second sexual encounter with another man, Nick Sterling Dorian Ferro, Ryan Rose and Sean Zevran (right).







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