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I guess everyone in PornLand is too busy with the Holidays to create any amusing drama, so we'll just have to stick with New Releases for an abbreviated pre-holiday rambling.

New from Hot House is "Play Hard," now available to the both of you who still prefer DVDs.   Christian Owen directs more of the fit, athletic All-American guys, including Dylan Knight, Rylan Knox, Brock Avery (left), Alexander Gustavo, and the lovely Mike DeMarko (right), who does amazing things with a baseball bat. As it says here, "..keep your eyes on the balls, because these guys are ready to "Play Hard."  Says so.








The first scene from Titan's new release "Bad Cop" is now up, featuring Nick Prescott and Adam Herst.  The movie features lewd behaviour, conduct unbecoming, moral bankruptcy...all those good things, including inappropriate activity in the police department and lots of Bad Cops...hence, the title. The cast also features Hunter Marx, Donnie Dean, Ricky Decker and Damien Stone, and it's a good one.

















Then there's the first scene of a new one from Chi Chi called "Dirty Little Brother," and I'm not even going there. Jason Phoenix and Armond Rizzo are doing it on a desk, in what we've seen so far of the movie, which has yet to appear on the Channel 1 site as of this writing. But the scene is there to whet your appetites.













Lastly, the MenOver30 site is helping Isaac and Justin celebrate their first Christmas together.  They've just finished decorating the tree, and now it's time for some champagne to celebrate. You know where that leads. I love holiday-themed porn.


To get these scribblings weekly in your inbox, email me. Mailings go out late Monday afternoons.    For updates and any new items of interest, check back here occasionally. I'm at Twitter@MAdamsVidioview, and you can email me at The usual Best of Holiday greetings from our cast of cartoon characters,  and I shall leave you at this point Elizabeth.






The latest featuring the prepubescent-looking young men of Staxus movies is "Double Dick 2," because ones is just never enough.  The DVD features seven of their most popular bareback double-penetration scenes.  Directors John Smith and Michael Burling helm performers Tim Walker (left), Kevin Ateah (right) and Brad Fitt, along with Sven Laarson and Jonny Cruz. the 2 ½ hour film offers sucking, fucking, rimming, spit-roast, fisting and, of course, double-dicked.  It's available now from Staxus or from Rad Video.






COLT Studio Group continues to release Minute Man Solos from their "Men of Summer" series, because it is, after all, the Christmas season.  But when they look their latest hunk Sean Lawrence, who really cares. He first appeared several years ago for the old Diamond Pictures and for Men At Play, who tell us he's from Hungary.  Hello? Are you paying attention, or too busy drooling? Check out his scene...nice.


Scott is back again, for the third time, worshipping  those smelly feet. Yum. The European lad's new release is "ScottXXX 3," fittingly-named by the Citebeur folk, and it's available from French Connection, if you are so inclined.



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Fans of the wrestling genre probably already know that Barry David's OnTop Wrestling series is still around, their latest release titled "Black On Top - Once You Go Black…"  I'm sure you can figure out the rest of that title, with 5 scenes featuring Cuba vs. Paul Carrigan, Chris Banks and Robert Collins in something called "Dueling Dicks," which brings up all kinds of images, and "I'm Gonna Wup You Ass," with Juice vs. Freak, plus two others.  I'm not sure just how recent these scenes are, or where you can currently purchase them, but the OnTopWrestling website is still up.


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