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It was our esteemed colleague Vincent Lambert who had the "breaking news" about the latest comeback.  It is, drum roll please, Landon Mycles, or Marcus Mojo, if you so prefer, back before the Can-Am cameras for a new 45-minute scene. Why return after three years?  Blame a break-up with his...ahem, girl friend. Yeah, I know. For his return, Landon is paired with Topher DiMaggio in a wrestling scene, directed by Chris Steele, who told Vincent that Mycles was "great to work with."  You will, of course, remember that Landon also worked with Topher at Jet Set (Landon, in his earlier JetSet days, to your right), and has appeared previously with Can-Am, renowned for their sexy fight scenes.  The new Can-Am venture should be out later this month, and check out Vincent's writings for more than I could legally steal from his site.  







Evidently, the porn-viewing public just can't get enough cumshots, and who better to provide said material than those obliging TitanMen.  The studio has just released the latest batch of "nonstop cum-spurting cocks" for "Cumshots Volume 2," with over 3 ½ hours of those things for your dining and dancing pleasure. Featuring over 100 of the TitanMen, the cast is literally a who's who of whatever it is they do, and they do it well, including Dean Flynn (left), Dirk Jager (right), Ray Dragon, Patrick Knight, Dred Scott, Diesel Washington, and at least 94 others.  












The European giant Staxus is still releasing their stuff on DVD, with the latest one "Country Pursuits."  It's the debut directorial effort for Kurt Maddox, who has been a model for the studio for two years, and yet, I haven't a clue.  But don't let that stop you - the movie was shot in an old cottage in Wales, "far away from civilization and accompanied by lots of sheep."  I'm scared already.  The cast for this production includes the studio's exclusives Orlando White from Hungary (left) and Louis Blakeson from the UK (right).  Also featured are Spanish lad Josh Milk, Frenchman Gabriel Angel, Poland's Kamyk Walker and Brit boy Tristan Wood. The four scenes have been available for a while on their site, but now you can download all of it, or, horror of horrors, order the physical DVD at the Staxus site or from RAD Video.







And from the "Look Who Else Is Back...Sort Of" Department comes Jamie Hendrix.  Remember him? The blond bombshell was just about everywhere in the 80s and 90s, and never really left show biz, being one of the few in the XXX genre to transition into mainstream Hollywood films with his writing, producing and directing.  He's back, albeit with his clothes on and "his music beats down," whatever that means. He tells me has completed three new song entries for, of all places,, which apparently has a new record label launch or something like that.  You can check out his song entries at the PornHub song competition site under "recent submissions."  You are probably quite familiar with the other stuff you can find at that particular site, if you catch my drift.  Jamie tells me he's doing fine, and, as always, thanks his fanbase for their support in his ongoing success.


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We hadn't checked into the site for awhile, and who should we find by Brock Avery and Lucas Knight, all hog-tied in the middle of the room in just their jocks and socks. We just had to hang around and watch them wiggle toward each other and try to get one another untied with just their lovely teeth. Not too many spoilers here, but Brock was able to get Lucas free, and he was expecting to be untied as well, but Lucas had other ideas, and….well, don't let me ruin it for you.



NakedSword has released the third scene of their wildly-popular original  "Hotel Hook-Up" series, titled "Young Love."  The production as we all know, was filmed in Chicago earlier this year, and this scene was directed by mr. Pam's protege Leo Forte, and the lovely mr. Pam might want to stop being such a good mentor for these guys. But I digress.  The happy couple are FX Rios and Michael Del Ray, and they wanted to do something special for their anniversary, so they checked into a swanky hotel to "justify their love for each other all night long.'  Aww, it'll bring a tear to your one good eye.  It's up now. The scene, that is.





I heard from the folks at, who let me know that the latest scene for your viewing pleasure features Johnny Forza barebacking Dylan Drive, whose name sounds like a posh estate in Beverly Hills. Could be, as Forza (who has a brother Danny, BTW, who also appears at the site) is taking in the rays by the pool, when Dylan, swims, alongside. Some horseplay ensues, then Dylan is off to the showers, eagerly followed by a horny Johnny. The fun continues, with the boys using plenty of Spunk Lube, because all the men at Dallas now use Spunk Lube exclusively (see fine Dylan photo, shamelessly displaying said product to your right), and it certainly is a shame that I didn't get in on that deal. But I digress.  If you're a Zeb Atlas fan, browse the site and you'll find Zeb's first orgy scene. History is being made. (Dallas Reeves to your left. Photos courtesy Baileey Productions).


Mark Adams' VIEW 10.20.14  

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