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Let's see if I can combine all this week's news from the Raging Stallion/Falcon conglomerate into one long item.  First up is the new Hot House release - unless you live in a cave (and even then…), you probably are aware that the Hot House troop is now a part of this ever-growing group. "Trunks 8" is the initial release, though it was made before the switchover, and, unlike the others in the series, this one has a plot and a back story, cause that's why we watch these. Filmed in glorious Palm Springs, Christian Owen's cast includes David Benjamin (right) in his porn debut, filmed before he became a Falcon exclusive (you followed all that...yes?), along with Jimmy Durano (left), Christian's real-life husband, Donnie Dean and Jake Wilder.




Raging Stallion itself has released the first scene from their new Hard Friction series called "Balls Deep."  The upcoming DVD, directed by Steve Cruz, features Boomer Banks and Mike De Marko, along with Andrew Justice, James Ryder, Andrew Stark (left), Logan Stevens and Adam Ramzi. The scene is up now.


And before you throw up your hands screaming "That's enough already!," let me add that hunky Derek Atlas (right) has signed with the Falcon group to be an exclusive for their studios.  Derek, who has worked previously for others like Randy Blue, just to pick a name out the hat, will debut shortly in a scene shot for the upcoming Hout House movie "Saddle Up," where he'll be paired with Ricky Decker for "a steamy roll in the hay." He has already filmed stuff for Raging Stallion, so you'll be seeing plenty of him, so to speak, in the coming months.







Yes, there are other studios still out there, doing their thing (while you're doing yours, if you catch my drift). There's nothing like a COLT Icon to perk up the day, and this time around, it's Rod Roddick.  Lots of muscles, a "hard chiseled jaw and a round bubble butt you want to eat off of," Rod has, it says here, a down to earth charm to go along with all the other good stuff. Check him out at the COLT Studio Group site.

While you're there, check out the new BoundJocks scene with Daniel Duress. He's never been on camera before, but he was, ahem, "dying to play with Dirk Caber."  So what better place to do it than at IML, which is where this was filmed, Dirk lashes Daniel to a bench with his ass in the air, and then the fun begins.




Mark Adams' VIEW 9.15.14  

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Look who's's Tommy DeLuca. You'll remember that the (then) young man made his debut in Michael Lucas' "Fire Island Cruising 4," now he's back at Lucas. He had, Lucas says, a "laundry list of requests" when he first came to the studio, including utilizing his self-fisting capabilities which made it into the film, and his wanting to fuck every guy three times his size (see the orgy scene in that very movie).  Tommy appears with Brent Alex riding his large appendage in the bareback scene, currently viewable at the Lucas Entertainment site.


Something old, something new from Channel1 this week. The "new" is Chi Chi LaRue's "#Leather," the directress/DJ's latest romp into the world of slings, chains and dark backroom sex.  Beginning with her darling Johnny Hazzard taking on Logan Vaughn, the cast also features Brett Bradley, Sean Duran and David Benjamin, and is available now.

The "old" is indeed a goodie. From 1984, it's Catalina's "Cousins," one of the classic pre-condom efforts from William Higgins. Shot on remember "film," it's been re-mastered, still a bit dark, but you'll enjoy looking at Matt Ramsey, who went on to making it big in straight films, Cory Adams, Billy Gant, and several others whose names are now just a blur.  This was, they tell me, the first all-male film to have its own original stereo soundtrack.  Very important, as we all know.


TitanMen's offering this week is a comp titled "The Best of Joe Gage: Redneck," and invites us to "enjoy the good ol' country boy cock."  Here we have 15 men and six scenes of pick-up trucks, back roads, beer, cousins, uncles, fathers, sons and...of course, big dicks. Older guys showing the young whippersnappers "the ropes" and keeping things "in the family, that's what you'll love about this one from Master Gage, featuring CJ Madison, Fyerfli, Josh West, Justin Reddick, Leed Scott (right) , Scott Tanner….the list goes on.


Lastly, don't know if you caught last week's episode of the FX series "Sons of Anarchy," but if you did, you may have thought one of the many bloodbath victims looked familiar. Well, if you guessed gay porn performer Liam Harkmoor, you'd be correct. Of course, if you blinked, you would have missed him. As he twitted @liamharkmoore, "My five seconds of fame and already dead.."  We can only be thankful it occurred during the first part of the program so we didn't have to sit through the rest.  I'm sure that big-time big-deal agent-manager David Forest thought he was doing a good thing getting him the role on SOA, but I'd much prefer to see the young man (Liam, not David…) in one of his fine porn performances.

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