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Good news...Boomer Banks will be around longer. Yes, "Boomer Banks" and "longer" are two things you don't hear together, as most will agree that the Boomer is...well, long enough.  The popular performing and his jaw-dropping 10+ inches has signed for another year with the gang at Raging Stallion. It was a year ago this week that Boomer made his debut with the Stallion, and has won several awards, including Mr. International at the Hookie Awards as well as Best Cock from the Hookies and Hottest Cock from the Grabbys.  When his amazing appendage is covered...well, as much as you can cover such a behemoth, he is a fashion designer and a NYC "party performer and promoter."  And continues his porn career for Raging Stallion.






Recognize him?  If you're a fan of Treasure Island product, you're sure to also be a fan of the amazing Dawson, a really nice guy (no, really) who kinda set the tone for the controversial studio with his "many-load" Weekend movies. June of this year marked 10th anniversary of the release of the young man's "20-Load Weekend" film, which, at least according to Treasure Island and Mark S. King of the Huffington Post, as "The Most Important Gay Porn Film Ever Made."  Dawson, "whose quest for cum has never been equaled," according to the studio, also introduced us all to the studios' signature director Max Sohl, who has gone on to such Disney classics as "Cum Whore" and "Park and Ride."  "Dawson's 20-Load Weekend" has been restored to the original Director's Cut, and includes nine minutes not seen since the original release.  I  could list all the performers who helped contribute to Dawson's adventure, but as amusing as they may be, they can't hold a candle (or whatever they might decide to do with said candle) to the fabulous Dawson.  I have no idea where Dawson is today - it's been years since I've heard from him or about him. But he will always be remembered for this and his other adventures with Treasure Island. By the way, the studio is looking for newbies interested in joining the "treasure trove of pig-fuckers and cum-holes" for future Treasure Island releases.  Just thought you'd want to know.



 has Bruno Boni back in the fold, after a 6 year break, and he's looking hairier and manlier than ever.  He appears with Dario Beck in the DVD "In His Dreams," filmed in Sicily, yes, those jeans do come off, and available in several formats on the Kazan site.









New from the Buckshot line at the COLT Studio Group is "Embrace," featuring Joseph Rough, a name that seems to fit, and Trelinno, whose name means who knows what.  But who cares, as we watch them waking up in an "embrace" that lasted all night long.  The boys pick up right where they left off.






The item about Dawson came in at the same time I got the latest weekly column from David Forest.  Part of the scribblings included a "where are they now" feature. Hopefully, he'll do a follow up, as we all want to know just whatever happened to Cody Cash.


And in a follow-up of sorts  to a recent item about the passing of legendary pornster Peter de Rose, columnist Adam Baran has an interesting article on about an equally-legendary porn person Wakefield Poole (Ronnie Shark from "Bijou," to your right). Perhaps the mention of Poole talking about a sexual rendezvous with Rock Hudson might entice you to check it out.







Twink aficionados will please take note that Eurocreme has released the new "Fucking Lyle Boyce" movie. The young man loves teasing people with his innocent looks and always gets what he wants, it says here, which is a giant dick up his "peachy pale ass."  Appearing with the Eurocreme exclusive in this self-explanatory film are Billy Rubens, Kayden Gray and Luke Desmond.  






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Lastly, because it's been a particularly slow week, I present this item from the MetroUK site across the pond, about this Billy-Tom O'Connor. Tim is, according to the Metro, a porn star, probably straight. He already had 10-inches, so what's the big deal? Seems that just wasn't enough for the greedy young man.  He wanted a monster.  So he had done the type of penoplasty (yes, that's the medical term for it) that increases width, by using fat that has been liposuctioned from another part of your body.  Billy-Tom appeared on morning TV in Britain to show this off, whipping, not the monster itself, but a can of hairspray, which "amazingly has the exact same proportions as Billy-Tom's willy when erect."  You can read the entire item and view the interview, if you must, here.



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