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Although it is kind of unusual to hear the words "book tour signing" and porn stars in the same sentence, the CockBoys are touring the globe in support of their new book. I'm sure you've heard about Bruno Gmunder's "A Thing of Beauty," named after the CockyBoys film released last year and mentioned everywhere, in what seems, endlessly. Look for cast members Jake Bass (right), Max Ryder and Levi Karter, along with CockyBoys behind-the-sceners Jake Jaxson, RJ Sebastian and Benny Morecock, as they make personal appearances in your city...maybe.

Mark Adams' VIEW 4.14.14


More from the Channel 1 vaults this week, including Rascal's 2005 re-release "Wicked," from Chi Chi, of course. The movie features Brandon Lee, who also provided the music, the talented devil, Brent Everett, Eddie Stone, Jan Fischer, Tag Adams, Shane Rollins and Tommy Ritter. Big names, anyone? The plot, because that's why we watch 'em, is about "...a man at the top of his game who finally get it in the end." Clever.From Dirk Yates comes the 2002 production "Stiff Salute," with more of what you expect for Mr. Yates. Cast includes John Smith, Jonathan West, Matt Ryder, and several one-named service guys who don't want you to know who they really are because they are straight. Also from Yates is "Present Arms," with Angelo Marconi, Brock Avery, Jason Phoenix (right), Jake Hammer and Trenton Ducati.And from All Worlds comes "Horny Rent Collector," who, duh, collects the rent and, if payment is late, interest is due. Danny Bliss, Jay Corey, Mark Andrews, Tad Garrett, and, I'll bet, several others.

More insanity and laughs from Paul Morris and the Treasure Island gang, with the release of the first five installments in Jack Miller's "Knocked Out, Jerked Off" series. This is the one where Miller films himself fondling the naked bodies of unconscious straight guys. I suspect it wouldn't be as much fun if the guys were actually gay and unconscious.

Kristen Bjorn's Sarava Productions has released "Headhunting," from director Strongboli. Filmed in Spain, a routine recruitment turns into something much more intense, as you can guess. The candidates include Leo Domenico, Geoffrey Paine, Joe Gunner, Lucas Fox and Diesel O'Green.

Across the ocean, Alphamales have released an "orgy-based blockbuster" called "Check Mate." Featuring "checkered clad muscle men. all taking turns fucking Alpha Male super bottom Dolan Wolf," the cast also includes Bruno Fox, Rich Kelly and Tom Wolf. Watch for Dolan's DP, not that you could miss it.Alphamales also has released "Breaking In," a "collection," the call it, of five scenes of Billy Reubens' greatest hits, so to speak.

The infamous St. Andrew's Cross is prominently featured in a couple of new scenes featuring the twinky B&D lads at First, we find newbie Serge just hangin' around the Cross. Serge, it says here, failed to perform during his previous time in the dungeon, so "it's time for him to play the sub." Then, there's Micky. Candle wax, a flogger and, of course, the cross, keep the Mickster firmly in place. If you like your twinks all bound up with no way to go, check this out.


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Eurocreme has released "Straight Boys Fuck," directed by Joe Flynn, who has, it says here, a penchant for twinks, straight boys and big dicks, not necessarily in that order. Lyle Boyce, Daniel Johnson, Theo Reid and Alastair Ford are featured.

Ms. Chi Chi's latest episode of her webisode series "Punished" is now streaming at Channel 1. It's the sixth episode of the series and the second in the "Punished" chapter, which began with the delightful "Hosed Down and Hole Searched." Ian Levine, Ty Roderick and Manuel Rokko entertain.

Been a while since we've featured some hair and girth for the bear aficionados to drool over, so how about this newbie Ben Chatham. The guys from Bear Films met up with Ben in Palm Springs, and they got Ben in the hot tub, doing what hot, hairy guys do in the tub when they know the camera's running.

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