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Could that be good ol' Jet Set releasing new movies? By golly, so it is, with Chris Steele in charge of them both. Bobby Clark, still looking fine, makes his Jet Set debut, after a recent comeback, or whatever you want to call it. "Uppercut" features Bobby in the boxing ring with Joey Rico, with others in the cast including Dylan Knight, Connor Kline and Topher DiMaggio (right). "Cock Rockers" also features Bobby and some of the previous cast members, along with Wolfie Blue and Blake Stone. Nice to see Steele back behind the camera for these movies, and you can get more info and some fine images from the films at the still active JetSetMen site.

Yes, it is spring...well, not here in the Northeast, but at least in some parts of the country. That means it's time for Falcon's annual spring blockbuster. This year, the boys are showing off the ir "Alpine Wood," in the two-parter of the same name, where they share a house in the mountains and are filmed by Bruno Bond, cause that's what he does. Headliner is the seldom-seen exclusive Ryan Rose, along with Landon Conrad, Jimmy Durano, Angel Rock, Chris Bines (left) and Ricky Decker (right) and several others. Part 1 is available now, and I'll betcha we see Part 2 before long.

"Handspray" and "Sweathogs" are the two new scenes from the always-hot COLT Vault, featuring showers, locker rooms, and men with huge cocks and...yes, hair. It's a two-for-one pre-condom era scene where, in "Handspray," Bill Eld, aka "Billy," and Long John ,have some fun in the shower. In "Sweathogs," we find COLT Men Dick Trask and Mark Rutter meeting up in a locker room some "down and dirty, extra-sweaty fuck fest." I like the "extra-sweaty" part. New from the COLT group is the Olympus title "Taking Hold," featuring the uncut members and other delightful boy parts of Adam Soulska and Stephen Bryce (right).

Reality show fans who like their "reality" generously sprinkled with hot man-sex won't want to miss the final episode of the 4th series of Dominic Ford's "So You Think You Can Fuck," now up on the Ford website. The sex portion of the episode features Trenton Ducati and Vance Crawford on a backhoe in the wilderness, before into the comforts of a garage. Congrats in Dom for another fine series.

If you're one of the many who want More of More, then you're in luck. Markie More, that is. Markie's the latest exclusive, because everyone wants to be one, at Next Door Studios. The dreamy guy has topped in may of the most popular NextDoorBuddies scenes, and, in this one, Markie answers the musical question, "Will Markie ever bottom?" The plot, because that's why we watch these, has Markie as a prospective groom who's having second thoughts, and having dreams about getting fucked by a guy. Don't they all. I have a feeling this one will get a lot of hits.

Most of us in the industry are familiar with David Forest's email blasts, and they're always good for a few giggles and info. I, of course, prefer the giggles. He has redesigned the site that hosts these blasts and, this week, has an item which can serve as a simple explanation if you're not aware of what's going on with Hollywood director Bryan Singer, for those of you who live in a cave. Of course, it does just occasionally mention Ms. Forest's Meet The Stars program, but that's our legendary David. If you're not on his email list, you can read the item at Forest's desk here.

Cody Cummings is fulfilling a much-requested foot fetish desire at his self-named website, letting Dylan Hauer suck and lick all over his gorgeous toes. Dylan is a huge foot lover, and foot fetish-ers will just love this one, head to toe.

The aforementioned Angel Rock (left) can also be seen moonlighting as the Chief of Staff at the well-known HH Hospital, where he edicts all the doctors, nurses and aides to pack at least 8 inches. I wonder if the HH is included in my medical plan...but I digress. It's all part of the Hot House release "My Doctor Rocks!," with a staff that also includes Tommy Deluca, Alexander Gustavo, Dylan Knight, Daryius Ferynand (right), Billy Santoro and Johnny Ryder. Nice to see Deluca together with Alexander in this one, along with his "impressive 10-inch member."

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Mark Adams' VIEW 4.28.14  

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