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Heading up the new stuff from the conglomerate known as Falcon/Raging Stallion (or vice versa, if you so prefer) is the latest from the "edgier" line from Falcon. "Crave" is Falcon Edge's new one, featuring a plethora of Falcon exclusives, like Boomer Banks, Shawn Wolfe (right), Sean Zevran, Brian Bonds and David Benjamin, in his Falcon debut.  Director Nick Foxx here "refines the Falcon Edge brand by showcasing intense, vigorous, connected sex," because who wants that disconnected kind.




The Raging Stallion/Falcon folk are also now releasing product from UK Naked Men. Their latest is "Fuck Loving Criminals 2," and I suspect you needn't have seen the first episode to catch up with the plot. The "sexiest gangsters in town," that town being London, include Antonio Garcia and his thick uncut 8 inches, along with Max Duran (right), Adrian Toledo, Josh Charters and Fabio Lopez. Oh - and there's Delta Kobra, a fine name for the strapping, tattooed top.

Speaking of hot tops, which we do a often as possible, check out Volume 6 of Raging Stallion's "Hot Fucks" series, which features, in their own words so you know I don't make this up, "the fuck, the hole fuck, and nothing but the fuck."  This means, should you have any doubts, the film contains pure hardcore anal fucking with no oral, no plots, just "100% dick-in-ass action."  The cast in this comp includes Brandon Lewis, Marco Mojo, Spencer Fox, Aybars, Connor Habib and Tom Wolf.







Lukas Kazan introduces us to Italian newbie Raul Korso in his latest scene "Raul and Tomas." Filmed on location in Sicily, Raul's partner is Tomas Brand, who was originally booked for the scene with Hungarian Marco Sessions. Marco couldn't make it, so Tomas recommended Raul, who he met online. The hairy-chested hunk pairs well with Tomas, and "sparks flew off and on the set, where Raul began referring to Tomas as his "Viagra natural."  I don't make this up, nor does director Ettore Tosi, who offered the comment.  This "Italians Do It Better" scene is on the Kazan site now.



Mark Adams' VIEW 9.8.14  

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It's back to the vaults at Channel 1, for the re-release of the 2002 entry from Catalina "Rascal Vs. The Spoiled Brat," the fourth in the Rascal series from director Josh Eliot, which follows the adventures of Ricky Haskall and the horny students at Rossmore Academy. The cast features Aaron Tanner, Matt Ryder, Kyle Richards and Brandon Weber as the Rascal, who is about to meet his nemesis, The Spoiled Brat, who was hoping for a spin-off series of his own. Time flies when you're having fun.


The Olympus line from the COLT Studio Group has two hunky guys in a picturesque garden among perfectly landscaped scenery, because that is, after all, why we watch these. Discovered in a state of passion are Lance Seawell and Walter Uwe, in this first scene from "Getting It," and who wouldn't want to.

If you enjoy viewing young,  hairless men engaging in some light-ish S&M, the ExtremeBoyz site is the place to go. Their new scene features Silver and Serge, who have been friends for years. They meet up in the dungeon, naturally, and we watch as Serge puts Silver through the paces.

What do Cole Tucker, Chad Donovan, Sam Dixon and Chi Chi LaRue have in common?  Their names all appear in a column from nearly 15 years ago.  If you enjoy reminiscing about the gay porn past, you can catch up on what was going on back then by clicking here.


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