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He's back! Who, you might say. because, after all, in the gay porn biz, the list could be endless. At or near the top of your list, I betcha, would be former porn performer and man-about-the-studios Jason Adonis. Yes, the young man...well, he's 34 now...has decided to give it yet another shot, signing...again...with the legendary David Forest to point his career in the right direction, which hopefully will be "up."  Adonis will be, according to Ms. Forest, available for movies, internet, live appearances, bar mitzvahs, and private meetings, all through The Premiere Artists except for the meetings, which will be co-ordinated by Forest's world-famous Meet The Stars. The popular Jason was, if you are new to all this, in the biz off and on for about ten years, appearing for Falcon, Jet Set, and, most recently, if I remember correctly, Raging Stallion (Jason in the early days, to your right). He was here..then he was gone…then he was here again, and so on. But this time, states Adonis, it will be different. “I'm ready for one last run,' says Jason, "with a mature head this time.”  I guess he left the old head back in Chicago, where he currently makes his home.  We, naturally, wish him (and Forest) all the luck in the world.




Falcon's latest is called "Easy Inn," which is about a weekend of fun at a secluded retreat. Tony Dimarco directs the stellar cast, including their exclusive Ryan Rose, Chris Bines, Colt Rivers, Nikko Russo and Topher DiMaggio.  "See what happens when six studs have nothing to do...except each other." I should be so lucky.





More names from the porn-past appear in the re-release of the All Worlds movie "Conquered," from Channel 1 Releasing.  See how many of you remember Billy Herrington, Andel, Blake Harper, Casey Williams, Colton Ford, Nino Bacci, Tino Lopez, Tom Katt and Trent Cougar, in this homage to the Gladiator movies. The film, which was directed by Chi Chi, and nominated for a shit-load of GayVNs, also offers a fine bottoming performance from Herrington, for the first time...on film, anyway.  The original was released in 2001.



Raging Stallion's "Gran Vista" movie is a keeper, if for no other reason than the box cover. And, of course, the European men from Spain, Brazil, Hungary and The Netherlands, brought together to a country estate in the foothills of the mountains of Northern Spain, because everyone knows we only watch these things for the stunning scenery. In addition to the luscious Dario Beck, you'll find Abraham Al Malek, Lucas Fox, Goran, Donato Reeves, Toby Dutch and Lucio Saints. Hey, at last I'm familiar with one of them. "Gran Vista" is the debut performance of Beck as a Falcon Exclusive. It's important that you know that before you view the film.




Cockyboys has released the fourth installment of their "Answered Prayers" series, this one called "The Ascension of the Lamb,' now playing on their website.  It is, it says here, a twisted two-parter about a mysterious and powerful orphan known only as "The Lamb," and played by Max Ryder. Also in the cast are Max Carter, Jasper Robinson, Duncan Black, and cameos from Jake Bass and Dean Monroe.  A delightful four-way with Duncan, Jasper, Frankie Valentine and Max Carter "climaxes" this feature.


Mark Adams' VIEW 8.18.14  

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It's hard to believe that Robert Prion is still making movies, and his latest "It's Only Natural Daddy" has just been released.  Featuring, as you'd surmise from the title, older daddies with younger guys, the cast includes Jay Richards, Ryan James, Ricky Romero, Rich Wrangler and Scott Spears, bless his heart and other body parts. The movie is available from the French Connection site.

I haven't done anything on the BaitBuddies site for awhile, as amusing as much of their descriptions may be, because they're all, let's face it,  basically the same.  But I must mention the new one with Rey Luis, the gay one, and "straight" guy Benn Heights. The title of the scene is "I'm Dreaming of a White Penis," and I suspect Irving Berlin is turning over in his grave.  It's the boy is crazy for straight white penis, and the straight guy thinks he's been invited to do some "pussy porn" from a Latina chick and….it goes on.


With older films and former porn stars dominating much of this scribbling, you should definitely take a look at an item from our colleague Adam Baran on The Sword.  It's a piece on legendary director Jerry Douglas, of whom I don't think I've ever heard a bad word (seen here with Danny Roddick, courtesy COLT).  It's a fascinating piece, where he discusses his many awards, talks about porn stars and drugs, and tells us why he says he's done with making porn. A great read about a great man.


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