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Mark Adams' VIEW 10.10.2000  


I was wondering the other day what has been going on in the life of former Bostonian Cole Tucker - I hadn't heard from him since his trip to South Africa, which was to be followed by a move to Palm Springs. My questions were answered by a call from Rob Allen over at MSR Videos, you know, the company whose logo is "Men are Pigs." He wanted me to know that MSR's latest release is something called DON'T ASK, DON'T TELL. It's being edited as we speak, due for an election-day release, and stars that very Cole Tucker, in what Rob says will be his very last screen role. Tucker appears with Jason Branch, Thom Barron and Tuck Johnson in a story line about the efficacy of the US Government's policy of the title name. Tucker is the ringmaster for quite an array of performers, including Logan Reed and special guest star Matt Bradshaw. As for the sex, Cole says he "wanted to go out the way he came in - as a total top." I've placed a call to the daddy and hope to get some inside scoops on the making-of.

While our Miss Harriet was jet-setting around the world and other places, HisMirthfulness and moi were forced to preview several additions to this week's New Release shelf, including the retail release of Titan's HEAT. Let me warn you the retail version, although more than enough for most at 2 hours and 40 minutes, is an edited version of the full three-hour release available thru mail order only (  . This incredible Bruce Cam-directed extravaganza has a cast too numerous to mention here (oh, let's see, there's Branch and Harper, Chris Steele Michael Vincenzo (left)...need I go on?), and will be available as a full-length DVD early next month, and will feature even more footage as well as interviews and behind-the-scenes action. Also to be found this week are BG's FANTASY FIGHTS 13 & 14, featuring Vince Rockland in his naked wrestling debut along with JT Sloan, and Dax Kelly vs. Scott Randsome; IT'S BIG IN EL BARRIO (All Worlds) is just that; San Francisco Fetish Factory offers FUCK FACTORY with Frank Parker, Reed Parker and lots of amateurs, and SQUIRT, which is self-explanatory; J.C. AND THE MEN OF GBM (Brush Creek) has JC Carter and five solo scenes from the pages of the magazine of the same name; and TRENTON TAKES ON from Brush Creek features Trenton Comeaux and an all uncut cast.

Those of you hyped-up on award shows will be interested to know that this year's Probies (or Men in Video) Awards, which used to be in July but looked like this year there wouldn't be any, will now be held on Friday December 15th, at a site to be determined. Director Nick DiMartino reports the awards show will be going ahead, and should draw the usual fine compliment of participants, according to Will Clark's Porn Star Confidential Report. He's also reporting that the 3rd Annual GayVN's will be in March, and you can get all kinds of porn star info at his truly fabulous web

More news continues to trickle in about the upcoming PROBIE awards, tho still nothing on location. David Forest ( tells me that Chi Chi LaRue will once again be playing hostess, but will not be having her yearly birthday party , though small gifts will be graciously accepted, I'm sure. The Chichster will be spending the "big day" by winging off to NYC to see her "heartthrob" Joan Jett doing ROCKY HORROR on Broadway. David also reports that performer Bo Garrett has officially retired from the biz, including movies, print and live appearances. He's cancelled bookings to fly off to Brazil with his on again/off again boyfriend Bryan. And as for Forest's favorite 10-or-11-incher Chad Donovan, he wants to assure us that though Chad has been gaining favor a live theatre performer, he hasn't given up the film industry. He'll be appearing in a featured role in Chi Chi's All Worlds movie PRIDE, part of the a "7 Sins" series that is being produced over the next few months. PRIDE will deal with guys with huge dicks; hence, the appearance of Chad.


How old must you be before you reach the "special guest star" status? Well, it appears that "22" is the magic number - Noah Walker (left), who currently appears in YOUNG LUST (In Touch), will be that "special" person in the sequel to the extremely popular SKATEBOARD SLIDER from Tribal Pulse. The creatively-titled SKATEBOARD SLIDER 2 will be filmed shortly in LA for a late fall release, again directed by Sam Dixon (right)

Duke Miller is launching his career in gay porn in a "big" way - by getting schtooped by the lovely Tuck Johnson (left). Blue Blake's MARRIED COPS DO is the vehicle for this action, but you'll have to wait for the final scene to see it - after the very same Duke does the deed himself to Caesar. By being versatile right from the beginning, Duke doesn't' want it said that he's just "gay for pay." You can see MARRIED COPS DO with the Duke, Caesar and Tuck around the Christmas holiday season.

Billy Herrington's obviously on a "Chad" kick - last week, it was Chad Conners, then Chad Donovan, both appearing on Billy's web site doing God-only-knows-what for the viewing surfers. This past week, it was Caesar, soon to be appearing in a new Blue Blake feature - check out items about Caesar and Donovan elsewhere in these scribblings. Billy's taking a month off to visit the Big Apple, but will continue to have more weekly guests singing and dancing their way into your shorts. Check him out at

Got any good dirt on anything industry-related? Spotted any celebs carrying on like trash? Well, we gots to know - drop an email to and share. And I shall leave you at this point Elizabeth.

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