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Breaking news this week has been cancelled, as those who typically appear in these items were far too busy with the annual Folsom Street Fair. The trashy event was held last weekend  in the heart of San Francisco's gay leather scene in the SoMa neighborhood, named for "South of Market" in Boston, we have the SoWa area, but you won't, unfortunately,  find anything close to the depravity you'll find in the City by the Bay.  Close to half a million participants and voyeurs were expected to attend, but not moi, because of this nasty ankle bracelet, but that's another story.  I'll leave it to those who were present to sober up and post their items, along with the customary photos and selfies.  In case you were wondering, here is a perfect (to some) example of the pulchritudinous (if there is such a word) found at the festivities a couple of years ago (Jessie Colter, pic courtesy TheSword).  




Speaking of voyeurs, those of us who are fans of the stunning BelAmi models (include me in) will be salivating at the release this week of Kris Evans' return to the Wonderful World of Bottoming.  The young man will be doing the deed as part of a threeway with Adam Archuleta and Jean-Daniel. This will be Kris' first bareback bottoming scene, if you're keeping track, and it should be online later this week.








Just in time for fall, NakedSwordOriginals has released "Summer of Fuckin," shot in SF's Castro district by the inimitable Mr Pam.  Celebrating the summer in the Gay Mecca are Valentin Petrov, Paul Wagner, Connor Maguire, Cam Christou and several of their free-sprited, big-dicked friends. The DVD features "some seriously hot backyard butt-fucking" in four sweaty scenes, as it should be.  It's available at the FalconStudios store.





The legendary photographer, porn star and gay icon Peter Berlin is being presented in a solo exhibition of of his works at Magnet in SF during the month of July. If you're not familiar with the works of Berlin, he created thousands of self portraits in film, long before the "selfie" was even a word, and his two films in the early 70s  "Nights in Black Leather" and "That Boy" are fondly remembered. You might recall the 2005 film documentary "That Man: Peter Berlin."  If you're in the Bay Area and reading this in a timely manner, there will be an opening reception this Friday the 3rd from 8-10PM, and "Peter Berlin Talks" will be held on Saturday the 18th from 7-9 PM. The exhibit and the talk are free and open to the public.  Now 71 years old, it should be a fascinating evening.


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Falcon has released its fall blockbuster, a two-parter called "Naughty Pines."  It features lots of outdoor sex with lots of their exclusives, cause that's what they're there for, including Ryan Rose, Brian Bonds, Johnny V. and Sean Zebran, plus a plethora of others including Topher DiMaggio, Connor Maguire, and, yea, the return of Zack Randall (left). Naughty Pines, in case you were wondering, is not quite the place where Sophia Petrillo spent her years before moving in with her daughter Dorothy Zbornak and friends. This one's a private men's retreat nestled deep in the the Northern California mountains, "where steamy hookups are as plentiful as trees in the forest."  If you order both parts of this epic in a timely manner, you'll receive a complimentary copy (or, as we call it, "free") of Landon Conrad's starrer "I Want You." Part one of "Naughty Pines" is available in retail stores now, with part deuce out next month.


Raging Stallion is celebrating their 15th anniversary with the appropriately-titled "15th Anniversary Pack," which includes 15 movies totalling over 25 hours of content.  Pop yourself a big bucket of corn for the bingeing, directed by the likes of Chris Ward, Tony DiMarco, Steve Cruz, Bruno Bond, Ben Leon and JD Slater.  Included features are such gems as "Raiders of the Lost Arse,"  "Cops Gone Bad,"  "Timberwolves,"  and a plethora of others.  Its SRP is $299, but you can save a hunk of the green stuff by purchasing this perfect holiday gift for your nearest and dearest at the cut-rate (and limited time) offer of $99.99, not even a hundred bucks. Such a deal, at the Falcon Store and a couple of other sites.



Also going "live" this week will be the omnipotent Brent Corrigan's new porn scene for Falcon Studios Group.  It's from an upcoming Falcon Edge DVD called "Jacked," and features the not-a-twink-anymore Brent with Sean Zevran in a "...sweaty locker room scenario packed with steamy, athletic action." I'll bet it's steamy, too. This will mark the young man's return to gay porn after a four-year hiatus.


Here we have the lovely Jordan Evans (right, not that you'd think he was either of the two to your left).  Jordan is apparently preparing for a visit to his local Kroger's Market after his workout.  He cleans the gun carefully, cause you don't want it firing accidentally in the frozen food aisle, he oils the barrel, then oils himself, paying attention to...ahem...the pistol between his legs. I don't write this stuff.  Jordan's scene can be viewed at the NextDoorMale site now.


David Forest is reminiscing this week, as it was 10 years ago that he began his association with Zeb Atlas.  It's fascinating to look back a decade at how different things were in the gay adult industry, particularly with "live' bookings. Here are the two lovebirds, to your left. Time sure flies when you're having fun.


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