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You don't necessarily think of the word "controversial" when you think of Naked Sword, but their new Original imovie s being described as just that. From director Mr Pam and written by the "sick mind" of Leo Forte features Ryan Rose, a Falcon exclusive, Jared Wentworth, who is a exclusive, and a bunch of Cockyboys exclusives.  So is that why it's controversial, using other studios' exclusives? Is the excitement just waiting for the studios to discover that their exclusive aren't really that exclusive? Or is it from the plot, which involves newlyweds Ryan Rose and Duncan Black fall victim to home invasion, and are bound, gagged and tied at the mercy of a sadistic stranger. And where is Lady Gaga in all this?  Didn't she just sign for something just like this?  I missed a lot while I was away.  










And speaking of straight or gay (don't we always), former "superstar" Mark Dalton is back, looking to entertain and amuse you as he did for many back in the good old days.  Managed again and yet by the inimitable David Forest, Dalton, who now is 35, will be making his first appearance in NYC as part of his "Xtreme Tour 2915."  I'm not sure what makes the "Xtreme," other than it was 15 years ago that he made his first live appearance right in that very Big Apple at the Gaiety Theater. Aah, those were the days, my friend, along with the more recent Splash, where he made his last Manhattan appearance five years ago.  That's gone as well, but Dalton is still with us, back from a long-running appearance in the slammer, and looking just fine.   He told Playgirl that he was looking forward to his return, and that "I'm a hell of a lot better looking, but I don't have to tell you that." Modesty is another of his strong points.  If you're looking to relive those moments from the past, or perhaps his more recent appearances five years or so ago for Falcon and Jet Set's classic "Getting Levi's Johnson," assuming you even remember who in hell Levi Johnson is/was, Dalton can be seen for two nights at the Adonis Lounge in NYC; the first night, April 17, is for the monthly Adonis Private 



















So what else might you have missed in the last couple of weeks, he asks. Well, over at the Falcon conglomerate, they signed the handsome Chris Bines as an exclusive, to add to your list. He was most recently seen in Falcon Edge's "Double Kross," with that Kross guy, and Chris and his eight inches will, no doubt, be appearing in a plethora of films for the gazillion studios that are included in the Falcon group.

Raging Stallion, a part of that very "group," has premiered a scene featuring Johnny V and his real-life BF Joey D, neither of whom apparently has a surname. A coincidence, I'm sure, and it's their first ever hardcore scene. You might want to check out a fun and "revealing" interview the laugh-a-minute duo that was filmed during the production of "Fuck Hole," and is on the Falcon blog page.


















Not to be outdone by Dominic Ford, the infamous Max Sohl at Treasure Island has released...and are you surprised…"So You Wanna Be A Cumdump."  Previously featured on (What? You missed it there? Shame), the five-scene series showcases, and I do quote here,"hopeful cumdump bottoms auditioning to see if they have what it takes to appear in a Treasure Island Media gangbang."  What might it take, you might ask (or, more rightfully so, not ask).  Again, let me quote: "The ground rules are simple: each man agrees to be pumped and dumped on a fuckbench by whoever Max brings in to fuck them. They are not allowed to ask who is coming to use them. They do not know if they will be taking one load—or subjected to multiple breedings." The cast includes Antonio BIaggi, Archer Adams, Jack Handler, Randy Harden, someone named Chainsaw (!), and, of course, "The Cumdump."    


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The delightfully sexy men of Lucas Kazan can be seen in his latest "Broken," filmed on location in Sicily and starring Logan Moore and Leo Domenico.  Sure to be a sentimental cryfest, director and himself sexy Ettore Tosi says ""It's about breaking up --and we've all been there. It's about one's haunting memories and the images of a future apart." That oughta cheer you up. Dutchman Logan plays the "dumpee," and Leo is the "ex."


Titan has released another Joe Gage Best-Of goodie titled "Daddies," a word that goes hand-in-hand. so to speak, when thinking of the prolific Mr. Gage.  Included here are scenes from "Special Reserve: What's Up Coach," with David Anthony Kyle Quinn and Race Cooper; "Cop Shack on 101," with Brett Matthews, Kyler Lachlan and Matt Majors; and others featuring Dean Flynn, Kurt Wild, Cole Ryan and Ken Mack.








 Nude Party (you can email them for details), and the following night is open to the public at the Adonis Lounge's Evolve Bar and Lounge on 58th St between 2nd and 3rd Avenues. Mark has a new website for you to check out, and, of course, you can follow his further tour dates at Ms. Forest's new site. After all, as the uber-agent says in his promotion of Dalton, "If there's a 'dick dancer' that can make you money, Mark Dalton is the one." Take that, club-owners across the USofA!

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