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Considerably more exciting than the finale of "Boardwalk Empire" is the end of NakedSword Original's "Hotel Hook-Up" series. Tommy Defendi and the deceivingly-naive-looking Joseph Rough mix it up in the finale titled "Let Yourself In," culminating with an "insane cumshot" by Defendi.  It goes out, they like to say, "with a big the hot shower."  We look forward to the next directorial effort of Leo Forte - Mr. Pam has taught him well.







Chi Chi's "Black Balled" series continues, after all these years, to be a big seller for the Channel 1 outfit, and so it's only proper that they once again promote the toy inspired by the long-running series.  The Black Balled dildo is not for the faint of heart, measuring a paltry 12" in length and 9" in girth, and it features, as they gleefully claim, "realistic detailing down to the enormous balls that slam against you with every thrust."  It is, naturally, harness-compatible with a suction cup base for hands-free enjoyment, it is non toxic, odorless (at least out of the box…), and waterproof.  The holiday gift-giving season is at hand, and you wouldn't want to be "left out," so to speak.













To go along with the previous item, you might want to check out a few of the not-so-oldies-but-goodies being offered by Channel 1, including 2003'a "Hot Throb," from Catalina and director Peter Romero, featuring (still) sexy Rob Romoni as the cover man for the titled magazine (remember magazines…?), along with Cal Jackson, Mario Ortiz, Steve Rambo and Ollie Kicks, in one of his few movie appearances

From Doug Jeffries way back in 2009 comes "Cream Filled Twinkys," spelled that way, I suspect, to ward off potential nasty emails from the Hostess people.  Cameron Marshall is one of the sweeties, joined by Kurt Wild, Danny Arnez, Brock Armstrong and Phillip Aubrey.

Chi Chi's 2010 Rascal release "Work Loads" takes on sex in the workplace, and features Jimmy Duranl, Roman Heart (aaah, Roman Heart…), Matthew Rush, Alexander Garrett and more.








Venerable manager/agent David Forest is, bless his heart, still sending out weekly email blasts to industry and non-industry followers after all these years.  David, seen to your left in a rare photo without his signature Hawaiian shirt, will be 66 come December 12, and I think he's been involved in the business of show since...oh, maybe December 13th of that very year. Now, he wants us to know that he has a "featured role" in a new mainstream documentary that will be opening theatrically next month.  "Inside Metal: The Pioneers of Los Angeles Hard Rock & Metal" has its own Facebook page, and will be showing, no doubt, at mostly artsy-schmartzy showcases mid-November. It's a two-parter that runs close to 3 hours, and it's expected that many venues will only run one part at a time, so who knows exactly where Ms. Forest will show up. Forest has appeared in other films, notably, a recent movie about porn performer Colton Ford (right) and the problems that adult performers have trying to gravitate from X movie roles to mainstream. The LA premiere party is November 6th at the Attic in Hollywood, and the DVD will be released the beginning of the New Year. You can find out where you can see "Inside Metal…" by clicking here.



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It's not just the sexy Zack Randall who returns to entertain in Falcon's "Naughty Pines" series. The second part of the series brings back Jeremy Walker (right), always a drool-worthy look. He hasn't filmed for a few years, but he's back in top form, with two scenes in the two-parter, the first with Brian Bonds (left), and then with Chris Bines. The entire series is available from Falcon now.



This is Brett, one of this new additions to the site. Because these are things youse gots to know, Brett loves going into a bathroom to jerk off while people are outside of it.  This happens to be his favorite bathroom by far, who knows why, but he starts stroking as he  hears another patron coming into the bathroom, which really turns him on even more. Whatever gets you off, I guess.


Maybe it's the accent, but Marcus Russo is just the cutest twink. The adventurous young man with the British accent describes, in this scene from NextDoorTwink, how an orgasm is just like "that first bite of his favorite ice cream." We watch the sexy lad put in a load of laundry (no, really), then passes the time by playing rough with a clear Fleshjack. No ice cream, though.



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