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I'm not sure why many in the industry are "shocked," but the news this week that Hot House Studio was "acquired" by Falcon/Raging Stallion has been the conversation-piece of the week. In an associated announcement, Hot House chief honcho Steven Scarborough (left) is retiring, after a paltry 27 years in the business.  And we're happy for him, and certainly wish him the best.  Hot House will be joining Falcon and Raging Stallion at AEBN, along with the gazillion or so other studios currently in their fold, and is interesting in that Stallion/Falcon's current president Chris Ward started his career many moons ago with Hot House.  There shouldn't be many visible changes as far as the consumer is concerned, as many of the folk who have made Hot House popular will be moving on over, like Christian Owen, and the inimitable Sister Roma, who, in her daytime drag, helps run the place. Hot House will also most likely have access to the Falcon/Raging Stallion exclusives for their use...we'll see.  For those keeping track, Hot House has been around since 1993, and the Stallion since 1999.  Raging Stallion and Falcon were combined a couple of years ago.  As they say, that's show biz.  







Speaking of Falcon, the studio has released "Stunners," the third from the Falcon Edge line, which, "edgier."  This one is "featuring a bold new signature look," so make sure you take note of that, as you apply the lube and the Bounty.  The cast includes Sean Zevran and Andrew Stark, as they act out the line's motto "what happens when good boys get bad," only this time they're doing it in jockstraps and flashy hi-top sneakers, as do most of us, I'm sure.  Also appearing are Adam Ramzi, Colt Rivers, Paul Wagner, Nikki Russo in his debut opposite Mike De Marko, and Billy Santoro.  Falcon has also released the second part of their all-sex series "Intensity," from co-directors Bruno Bond and Nick Foxx.







From the Channel 1 vaults comes "Brother In Law,"  from 1997. The All Worlds gem is from the folks who brought you "My Sister's Husband," which we all remember like it was yesterday, and this one tells the tale of a gay man in love with his sister's husband.  A great cast that includes Paul Carrigan, Paul Morgan, Chris Dano, Tanner Reeves and a non-sexual performance from Sharon Kane makes this oldie a must-see.

A little more current...well, "My Overstuffed Jeans," from the Catalina vault. Director Brad Austin helmed this one, with Brent Everett, Brad Benton, Parker Wiley, Nick Young Steve Rambo and Cameron Fox.

And from the "new" department comes Chi Chi's latest scene from "#Leather" (I'm not sure how you'd say that…."Hashtag Leather" maybe..?).  Doesn't just roll off the tongue, but I'm we'd all like to have Johnny Hazzard and/or Logan Vaughn rolling off our tongues.  It's up on their On Demand site now.









COLT Man JD Amos is featured in the new COLT Icon series, with his rippling muscles and over-sized uncut dick.  Oh...let's not neglect to point out the bubble butt "chiseled from stone," and you can fill in just what kind of chiseling you'd like to do with that.

To your right, we have bad Cameron Johnson.  I guess all guys named "Cameron" in gay porn are bad boys; this one is from Queens, you should pardon the expression, and was a fight stuntman, so don't call him no "queen!"  He is, it says here, used to "taking a blow," but in this scene, he's looking for one.  Get it? Cameron's hard-muscled body appear is "Cock Stunts," seen now at the NextDoorMale site.





At Jake Cruise's HotDadsHotLads site. we find scruffy daddy Scotty Rage making out with cutie Cody Avalon in their underwear. Fortunately, the underwear is long gone.  Even more exciting is the news that Jake Cruise has returned in front of the camera for the first time in 9 months.  Did he have a child?  He's not saying, but he did say that  it took someone like Dustin Tyler to get him back in "service."  Welcome back, Jake. We've missed that devilish grin.







TitanMen is still hanging in there, with their new one "Fast Paced," which pretty much describes their release schedule. "Things are about to get under control," it says here, in what appears to be the case for Titan exclusives George Ce and Nick Prescott, who appear along with Trenton Ducati, Jake Genesis, JR Bronson and Marcus Ruhl. Scene 1 with Trenton and Jake is up now.






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