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The Bob Mizer Foundation has released some films from the late 60s.  Yes, gays (among others) were looking at naked men even back in those pre-historic days. Bob was a groundbreaker, photographing male nudes, and suffering the wrath of those labeling his work as "obscene."  He was ultimately vindicated and continued to release what was then (and now) much respected.  Eleven of these films are included in the new releases, marketing the erotic art to mostly closeted gay men. "Bob Mizer: Court Declares Nudity Not Obscene 1967-1971" is certainly a far cry from what you'll find on the likes of X-Tube, but are remastered to their original condition, or damned close, "culled from the Bob Mizer film archive−the world’s largest repository of original moving images documenting the twentieth-century underground physique movement."  It is available from the Mizer Foundation website for now, and will be made available at other retail sites later this year. The images are amazing.


Hot House has released the latest in their "Collection" series, spotlighting the work of Tate Ryder.  The hot guys shares his favorite scenes with you, which includes his work such HH gems as "Tools of the Trade," "The Dom," and the perfectly-titled "Kiss Lick Suck Fuck," which attracted a lot attention on the marquee at Grauman's.  Kidding.  Featured in the scenes with Ryder are Jake Genesis, Topher DiMaggio, Jakes Ryder, Chris Tyler and Troy Daniels.  You might also want to check out the "Collections" of Matt Cole, Vinnie D'Angelo, Arpad Miklos and the "Whoppers" series.  

"Big Bad Wolf" is another new one from Hot House, featuring Dolan Wolf, who, according to the PR and who would question it, always hears "What a big hole you have,' to which he replies, "The best to swallow your fist with."  So there ya go. You won't believe your eyes how much it takes to feed the "Big Bad Wolf," it says here, about the Christian Owen-directed Club Inferno film, which also features Mitch Vaughn, Jordan Foster and Gio Ryder.






Lucas Entertainment is the home this week to a new exclusive. This is Brent Alex, a Southern lad from Alabama, whose resume includes bottoming and rim jobs.  His first appearance on the Lucas site is a flip-guck with Cam Christou bareback.  Discuss.


Speaking of real men from the past, check out COLT's latest "Icon" from the COLT Vault.  You may remember Pete Kuzak, a muscle-guy with "a warm and disarming smile," always important, and well as his dark furry body. Yum.



Mark Adams' VIEW 9.1.14  

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Speaking of vaults, because it was a slow holiday weekend for porn news, we checked through the vidioview vaults, which gives you an idea of how interesting our weekend was, and discovered that we've been doing this thing online for fourteen years. Seems like only yesterday. And that's not counting the ten years before that when the column appeared in, horror of horrors, print publications (you younger readers can ask your sugar daddys about them).  I thought it might be fun to take a trip into the way, way, way back machine to see what was going on in the gay porn industry "back then."  I'll include some gems here occasionally and, even more occasionally, will put up some of the older columns in their entirety.  The first of these columns dates back to the end of September in the year 2000, and includes such memorable names as Billy Herrington, Billy Brandt, and a few others not named Billy.  You can find those scribblings here, and do keep in mind that if you click onto any links that might appear there, they probably won't work.  Oh - here's another image from the Bob Mizer collection, one of my favorites. The sailor cap (to say nothing of the pubes) adds just the right touch.

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